How come kidney stones?

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25 May 2016

Urolithiasis is not uncommon, exposed to it people of any age as kidney stones are formed from anyone.From a small grain of sand trapped in the kidney or urinary tract, eventually formed a stone, its dimensions grow.It can be of any shape, with sharp or rounded edges.Stone consists of microscopic crystals, which can be urate, calcium phosphate or oxalate formations.

How do you know about kidney stones?

presence of kidney stones and urinary tract can be seen only in the US, but most of urolithiasis not manifest itself until the stone starts to move.But if the stone starts to move along the ureter, the patient is required to feel it.The process is accompanied by severe pain, constant urge to emptying of the bladder and a burning sensation.

How come kidney stones?

If you feel a strong stinging pain in the lumbar area and the kidney, most likely, the stone began its movement.Give pain in the groin, sometimes reach the hips.Pain accompanies the entire process of removal of stones from the body.And that

could drag on for quite a long period.Some of the stones are located within a month.In urine, the patient may receive the blood - this indicates that the ureter is damaged by the sharp edges of the stone.

renal colic, which is very painful, can develop into fever.Fever, chills and other symptoms - a reaction to unbearable pain.Especially hard out stones with sharp edges, because in addition to the pain of passing in the ureter, they even scratch it.

What size stones can get out on their own?

movement stone in the human body notices when he comes into the ureter.This is due to the fact that it is the narrowest part of the urinary tract.The diameter of the ureter does not exceed 0.8 cm. If we look at the subject in theory, it turns out that the diameter of the stone, which can pass through the ureter does not exceed 8 mm.Given its ability to stretch, theorists call the dimensions to within 1 cm.

In practice, these stones are considered to be very large.Practitioners agree that it is not necessary to subject the patient superfluous torment and wait for a stone of this size will be released independently.In this case, a decision is made on the operation or to split the stone with a laser.

How to help the stone pass through the ureter?

If, after going to the doctor you have seen that you have begun to move the stones in the urinary system can make your life easier by using some tips.

Firstly, you should numb the process.Fits any analgesic, it can be ketonal, Nurofen, or any other medicine that helps you get rid of the pain.Second, remove spasms and relax the muscles.It is best to help the patient intramuscular administration of the drug - so it will work faster.

Throughout the process, the output of stones should drink plenty of water.The daily dose should not be less than two liters.Even better, if you will use the infusion of diuretic collection, it will help the stones did not linger at the output.If you are active in sports, do not stop their studies.Movement helps the stones will come out.

What to do after the stone?

First of all, it should be ascertained in the absence of other structures in the urinary tract.It is recommended procedure ultrasound and consultation of the urologist.Released from the body stone should be sent for examination to determine the nature of its origin.After receiving the results of the analysis the doctor will prescribe you a proper diet to subsequently relieve you of urolithiasis.