Causes of thyroid disease in women?

By Admin | Health Recipes
25 May 2016

human thyroid is one of the main endocrine glands, which actively produces hormones are high in iodine.These hormones are involved in key metabolic processes in the body.In other words, in violation of the thyroid gland is disrupted functioning of the entire endocrine system, and there are significant changes in the hormonal background.Interestingly, the disease of the human body has a particular gender differences.For example, women suffer thyroid disease and 20 times more often than men.

In this regard, this publication will focus on the etiology of thyroid disease is in women.The reasons will be discussed in two major manifestations as unconditional (i.e., associated with the original anatomical features), and conditioned (i.e., acquired in the process of life).

Unconditional causes predisposing thyroid disease in women

  • thyroid propensity to change in size.Women have a more unstable than men hormones, which may depend on a number of circumstances.This puberty, pregnancy, different days of the m
    enstrual cycle and so on.During these periods, the iron can be increased in size twice.Such instability can cause malfunction of the organ of the endocrine system and lead to relevant diseases.
  • smaller resistance of women to stress.Stress and mental state of the analog negative impact on the hormonal background, which in turn could trigger a decrease or increase in the production of hormones by the thyroid gland.

Contingent causes of thyroid disease in women

  • Iodine deficiency.As a rule, it arises from the lack of eating iodinated products.It is one of the main causes of thyroid dysfunction.Traced the geographical relationship of thyroid diseases caused by iodine deficiency.In some areas, it marked iodine deficiency in the local food and the chemical composition of drinking water, which often leads to varying degrees of hypothyroidism.In such areas, moderate iodine deficiency can be traced to the average of 60% of the population, and the figure of the female population exceeds the male figures are about four times.Nevertheless, moderate iodine deficiency is not a pathological condition, which, of course, leads to diseases of the thyroid gland.Pathologies observed in only three cases out of ten.
  • Violation of the internal organs involved in the formation and the withdrawal of hormonal excess iodine from the body.The most common problem appears renal failure, which provokes the accumulation of iodine in the body.
  • autoimmune etiology.The essence is not fully identified, and there are many theories to explain the causes of the aggressive behavior of the immune system against the thyroid gland.The most common risk of diseases associated with hereditary factors, which in most cases are transmitted through the female line.

It is worth noting that today are often operated thyroid problems, including health workers.In fact, the problem is greatly exaggerated.Therefore, before applying a conservative or, especially, surgical treatment is important to consult with at least two independent experts.