Is it possible to drink before abdominal ultrasonography?

By Admin | Health Recipes
25 May 2016

order to prepare properly for such a diagnostic procedure, as ultrasound, the patient is obliged to comply with certain conditions.This mainly affects eating behavior, in particular products that may or may not eat for a few days before the ultrasound examination, drinking regime, receiving some medical preparations.The preparatory phase is required to leftover food and intestinal gases are not hindered scan internal organs.

Often people undergoing such a procedure for the first time, especially interested in whether you can drink before the ultrasound.The answer will always be ambiguous, because the fluid and need, and can not be used.What does it mean?

Within three days before the scheduled date of the patient must adhere to a specific (not too difficult) diet, switch to split meals and increase as much as possible for him, fluid intake.The minimum daily rate - 1.5 liters.Drinking allowed ordinary purified water, carbonated mineral water, tea (green, black).

These days, you can also drink herbal i

nfusions and decoctions, promoting digestion.However, their intentions must be reported (certainly!) Doctor who will specify which charges can be drunk, but from what is better to abstain.

the day of diagnosis do not eat or drink.A small correction: the ban is valid if the US is scheduled for the morning hours.If the procedure will take place in the afternoon, that is not earlier than 3 pm, allowed a light breakfast and tea.Time of the meal, as well as the latest fluid technique no later than 10 o'clock in the morning.

With regard to children.Certain restrictions before the US provided for them, although unlike adults for young patients bans are not so categorical.

So, give the child to drink (is like) can not be an hour before the procedure.If the abdominal cavity to be explored on the ultrasonic apparatus babies before diagnosis to miss one feeding.It does not depend on whether the baby is breastfed or fed breast milk substitutes - it is advisable not to feed the child for 2-4 hours.In order not to violate the diet, as well as to the baby during the procedure behaved calmly, better to discuss with the doctor-diagnostician visiting and come to the US just before the next feeding.

regarding the right diet and reception of drugs provides detailed information for patients a doctor, appointing ultrasound diagnostics.