What can I eat before an abdominal ultrasound?

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25 May 2016

abdominal ultrasound prescribed by a doctor to determine the status of the internal organs.This method can be used in the survey complaints increased flatulence, constant bitter taste in the mouth, heaviness in the stomach, severe abdominal pain and so on.With the help of ultrasound can confirm or deny the preliminary diagnosis.This method can examine the spleen, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, retroperitoneal space, stomach, kidneys and other organs.

Terms of ultrasound and the factors that lead to a distortion of the results

To obtain reliable results of the survey is necessary to observe some rules:

  1. If you have bad habits you need to report them to the physician prescribing the US.
  2. should tell your doctor about taking medication.
  3. required during the preparatory period to comply with the recommended diet and the water regime.
  4. necessary to comply with the recommendations of the doctor and the appointment of various types of surveys.

distort the results of the study can be conducted by the fol

lowing factors:

  • bad habits;
  • poor diet, leading to excessive gas formation;
  • overweight, a thick layer of subcutaneous fat;
  • scars and skin damage in the area of ​​sensor;
  • recent introduction of contrast medium in the other surveys;
  • increased activity of the patient, which is characteristic of excitable people and young children.

How should I eat before abdominal ultrasonography?

special diet before the US due to the fact that the presence of air in the intestines can interfere with the scan.Therefore, the preparatory diet aimed at reducing gassing.

desirable preparation for the procedure to begin three days before its implementation.Power in this period should be a fraction, it means 4-5 meals per day.Gaps between them should not exceed 3-4 hours.Daily fluid intake in preparation for the US is about one and a half liters a day.It may be pure water or weak tea.For products authorized in the preparatory period are:

  • porridge cooked in water - buckwheat, oats, flax;
  • boiled egg, but not more than 1 piece per day;
  • Fish low-fat varieties, steamed, boiled or baked;
  • lean beef and poultry;
  • cheese with low fat content.

evening meal is better to make it easier.

ultrasound procedure can be performed in the morning or afternoon.In the first case, there can not be prior to the survey.If the study is scheduled for the afternoon, you can loosely breakfast, then do not drink or eat.

In preparation for the US should give up all the foods that increase flatulence.These include:

  • legumes;
  • oily fish, meat and fat;
  • milk and its derivatives;
  • bakery products - cakes, bread, cakes, cookies, pies and more;
  • soda;
  • alcohol;
  • raw fruits and vegetables, especially cabbage, apples and grapes;
  • sweetness;
  • coffee;
  • juices.

If it becomes necessary, your doctor may prescribe medications to improve digestion and reduce gas formation.During the preparation you need to follow the frequency of bowel movements.At locks take laxatives.Before the procedure is undesirable to smoke, sucking candy and chewing gum, as well as taking antispasmodic drugs.