How to improve vision in myopia?

By Admin | Health Recipes
25 May 2016

Myopia - not a final verdict.Improve lost his sight at such diagnosis is possible and necessary.Let us examine the origin of the latter.In this eye has the ability to capture light rays (when in contact with the eyeball) nearer the rear wall of the eyeball.If up to four decimeters located objects, people with this diagnosis see them perfectly, and all that is located behind this restriction - blurry.The degree of the disease increases with decreasing distance between the object clearly visible and eyes.

Ways to improve vision in the diagnosis of myopia, modern ophthalmologists know a lot from wearing glasses and contact lenses to correct the eyeball with a laser or other surgery.

eyes require total care in every possible way to prevent the development of the above-mentioned deviations.Then the question of improving the vision in such a diagnosis will not occur.Compliance with some isolated experiences of the rules will help to escape from these problems.Some of the provisions are not acceptable to re

ad: lying in bed, in a moving vehicle.Incorrect, weak flow of light for reading and writing - it is forbidden.The text before the eyes should be at least 3.0 -3.5 decimeters.Visual load (and should follow it) can not be longer than 40-50 minutes.During this time, your eyes get tired and they need to rest, which closes them for 10-15 minutes.Relax and sit quietly this time interval.Experts reminded about the need to mark the time spent in front of a computer monitor and a TV screen, the daily rate which should not exceed 120 minutes.

certain set of exercises, which should be carried out regularly, will help improve vision in the diagnosis of myopia.Consider it.

without straining your eyes for three seconds looking at any object standing or sitting (should be easy).Then, pull the arm in front of him and detain look at the tip of a finger for 3 seconds.Drop a hand and looks into the distance again for 3-5 seconds.This exercise was repeated up to 10 times.

Pulling the finger assigned to the side arm, fix it on the tip of the eye and continue to monitor his progress: approaching the nose and remove it.Repeat up to 10 times.

We sit so comfortably, breathe slowly relaxing.Then slowly begin to move opinion in a way that the distance was drawn eight.Do this exercise several times, draw the eye in eight different positions (top-bottom, left-to-right, on the contrary, the diagonal direction).

stretched out his hand from him, and put his finger.Both eyes are looking at the finger 5 seconds, then a close, we look to others as another 5 seconds, then again two eyes, then the other eye.Repeat up to 10 times.

stretched out his right hand in front of him.Within 5 seconds, his eyes watching the movement of the thumb - allot a hand to the right side.The head is not rotated.Repeat five times.Then the same exercise with the left side.

Sight runs.Head not to move, and only his eyes: first to witness the lower left corner and then the top of the right, and then the lower right hand and lower left.Was repeated six times, and then in the opposite direction.

¬ęshoot 'eyes.Standing or sitting position, his eyes move from side to side up to six times, and then - from the top - down, and vice versa - is repeated up to six times.

move their eyes in a circle (witness the tip clockwise and vice versa) - repeated up to six times in the same direction.

perform diagonal eye movements, while keeping your head still.Just look works with the lower right corner to the upper left - repeated up to six times.Also repeated on the opposite diagonal.

his eyes fixed to the middle of the nose (nose) and then breed back - repeat six times.

blink for a few seconds, and with the greatest possible speed, without straining.

Believing positive results, performing these exercises regularly, eating healthy foods, namely, rich in trace elements, vitamins, vision will only bring benefit than improve the quality of life.