Fasting day on rice

By Admin | Health Recipes
25 May 2016

Scientists have long been proven beneficial effects on human health of rice.It is recommended not only to include in your diet all those who are watching their well-being, but also to carry out with the help of fasting days.Recent our bodies are also required, as a normal diet in combination with physical activity.Unloading allows excrete undesirable impurities that accumulate in it (salt deposits, toxins and so on. D.).A few days on rice can be a substitute for a regular diet.

Unfortunately, man is weak enough to addiction.This is stated in the Bible, and not everyone can permanently adhere to the chosen diet.That's right, and it can be replaced by rice day, the effect of which will be not less, and "suffering" is not necessary.

Take a glass of rice and pour it into a pan, pour one cup of boiling water and cook for a short time.After the water is drained and the rice again pour two cups of water.Slowly we bring porridge until tender over low heat.

Ready Fig be divided into three equal portions to b

e eaten during the day.Prerequisite is the non-use of salt throughout the day.

Such fasting days on rice will not harm even to those who suffer from regular constipation!

But there is one small flaw, along with deposits of salt is removed from the body of potassium, which need our heart to a normal heartbeat.But to solve this problem is simple enough servings of rice eaten after drinking apple juice and potassium levels in the body to normal.