How to withdraw water from the body?

By Admin | Health Recipes
25 May 2016

Withdraw excess fluid from the body and do not cause self-harm, it is possible.There are various and effective methods for this purpose.Let's look at them in more detail.

of excess water in the body can be removed, giving the consumption of large amounts of sodium.The excess salt in our body gets from finished food: fast food and prepared food.

Once the output excess fluid from the body, try to regularly maintain a balanced diet and an optimum water balance, include in your diet foods rich in fiber and potassium on.

Avoid dehydration, otherwise you will be difficult to withdraw excess water.Eat the right amount of liquid per day for men it is 13 glasses a day, and for women - 9 cups.This average rate which may vary slightly depending on the specific characteristics of the human body.Drink only when you want it and Quench your thirst with water frequently.

Remember that physical activity is the key to your health, so even doctors recommend a daily basis to make the half-hour walks.But, unfortunately

, many people are extremely sedentary lifestyle and this is not always associated with the work.Active movements are forced to circulate all the fluid in the body, leading to the removal of excess water from it through frequent urination and perspiration.

Use to remove excess fluid from the body diuretics, but be very careful.They also include tea and coffee, the use of which significantly increases the rate of urination.

By choosing diuretics should be approached very responsibly and should definitely consult a physician.There are tools that are washed from the body iron, potassium, calcium, and so on. D., And there are those who cherish one of these elements.The doctor will be able to choose the drug that is right for your body, and the risk is minimal manifestation of contraindications.

can use natural remedies for removing excess water from the body.These include: cranberry juice, lemon juice and green tea.Suffice it a day to drink 1-2 glasses of any of these means (diluted with water) is already in a short time you will feel much better.

necessary to give up sugar.The fact that the use of it in our food stimulates the body to produce insulin, which in large quantities harmful to the body.It, in turn, prevents the removal of salts, and therefore does not derive any excess water.The sugar in the body must come only from fruits, vegetables, and not as a sweetener tea!

You can take calcium supplements, especially recommended for women.But it is also necessary to be extremely careful not to cause possible harm to the body.