The temperature is kept 37 week

By Admin | Health Recipes
24 May 2016

most unpleasant temperature is not the highest, but the one that is kept stable at the same level for a long time.The most common of these cases, the temperature is in the range 37-37,5 degrees.What to do in such a situation, if the mark does not fall down for a week?

We are used at the first temperature rises to take antipyretics, such as paracetamol or aspirin.But the effect of taking these drugs lasts for a short time and it expires, the temperature rises again.And this is our main error, the temperature of 37 degrees is not a threat to health and life, so take antipyretics not worth it.

Let us try to understand the cause of the temperature rise.The body gets the virus, and it strains all its defenses to fight with him, and increased body temperature is only a consequence of this struggle.When we take an antipyretic, thereby violating the natural course of this struggle!

Availability temperature is a direct proof that the body appeared pathogenic mechanism.It does not always colds, sometimes an i

ncrease in temperature can result in a chronic form of the disease, allergies and in rare cases - a sexually transmitted disease.

sure to find out the cause and choose the right treatment, you should definitely see a doctor!