Vascular grid on the face

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24 May 2016

facial vascular disease was first described as early as the fourteenth century French physician Guy de Shalyakom and that he gave him the name of rosacea.In 1812, Thomas Bateman, English dermatologist, gave the name of the disease rosacea.So now, in different sources is a disease called differently.

Couperose characterized by the appearance of fine facial veins bluish or reddish color, sometimes spread spots.These veins are localized on the cheeks or wings of the nose.It should be noted that it is not a dangerous breach in the body and virtually no harm, but from an aesthetic point of view of vascular mesh on the face brings a lot of problems of its owner.

exact cause of the disease has not yet been established.Most often, people with rosacea suffer from hypertension, and this may be due to problems in the gastrointestinal tract.Another important factor - hypersensitivity skin.

Onset of the disease is characterized by the appearance of redness on the chin, nose, forehead and cheeks, with burning ski

n.There is blood flow to the capillaries of the upper layers of the skin, followed by stagnation.This is followed by vasodilation, loss of elasticity of the vascular wall, and as a result, constant redness of the face.At this stage of rosacea are becoming visible telangiectasias (dilated blood vessels of the skin).During the temperature fluctuations of air can change color: pink becoming purple or violet.

When running form of the disease form pustules and papules, filled with opportunistic pathogens.In the last stage of rosacea is formed units, alteration of the sebaceous glands, and as a result - the deformation of the skin areas.

Couperose - vascular disease, and therefore any factors provoking venous congestion aggravate this problem.

contribute to the formation of the process stress, drinking, smoking, too hot and spicy food, as well as sudden temperature changes, UV radiation and endocrine disorders in the body.

the treatment of rosacea complex therapy, including a topical treatment, as well as receiving drugs that improve vascular tone.Prescribe drugs containing Ascorutinum, vitamin C and isoflavones.

Cosmetic industry offers special cosmetics, which is recommended for persons prone to the appearance of vascular mesh on the face.Also for the treatment of rosacea successfully applied vascular lasers and liquid nitrogen treatment.