Itching in the ear: Causes and Treatment

By Admin | Health Recipes
24 May 2016

Causes of itching in the ears may be several.But most of this is due to some dermatological diseases, such as ear itching is one of the first symptoms of psoriasis, scabies, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, and if you do not give it due importance, the disease can have serious consequences.

If you regularly feel the presence of itching in the ears, you should examine your body for the presence of a rash.The most common rashes observed in the elbow and scalp, and with the onset of cold itching in these areas increases.This is due to the fact that bacteria hidden from the cold into the skin.

most common ear itching indicates otomycosis.This disease is contagious and is transmitted by fungal pathogens.For most people, these fungi are in the body, but they themselves are not activated, they can trigger activation of the man himself.Frequent hormonal drugs and antibiotics may weaken immunity, which would allow the fungus to grow.The same result can cause impaired metabolism, poor environmental conditions, s

evere illness, and even parts of the swimming pool.Otomycosis - a serious disease as it develops could begin to lay the ear, pus, and even had a strong pain.It happens that people aspiring to a complete hygiene of the ear (it was washed with a regular high-pressure water), without realizing it, create favorable conditions for the development of the disease.Water, in addition to earwax washes and protective microflora ear, which greatly increases the chances for successful development of the fungus.

But the reason a lot of itching.Often it occurs as an allergic reaction to the actions of the man himself (wearing swimming caps on care of hair and so on. D.).If the ear is produced much (or little) of sulfur, it may also appear itching.In diabetes, impaired metabolism, mental health, it also appears.

treatment of itching can be started only after a medical examination, but slightly reduce the unpleasant sensation can still be wrong.

  • dripped into the ear a little vegetable oil.It should stop the itching ear, at least temporarily.Buried the product only in the supine position.
  • lavage ear.It will remove the sulfur and stop unpleasant sensation.