Pistachio: benefits and harms

By Admin | Health Recipes
24 May 2016

's hard to find anyone who would not like pistachios.And there is nothing surprising, because they have a divinely unique taste.Plus, a beneficial effect on the human body.

should take into account the fact that by means of these nuts in ancient times healers treat various diseases, made with extracts of their old age and dementia, as well as used for rituals.

However, if there was not, and any foods have their benefits and harms.Exceptions do not make and pistachios.So, let's look in more detail and decide whether they should be there or not.

benefits of pistachios.

Their fruit contains 4.6% protein, 3.6% sucrose, 4.6% fat, 50-76% fatty oil, which consists of 95% unsaturated fatty acids.They also have a lot of vitamin E, which is an excellent antioxidant, improves heart function and slows the aging process.

According to scientists, if the daily use of about one hundred grams of this yummy, it strengthens the bone skeleton, improves the function of the liver, heart, stomach and speed up metabolism.

It is beneficial in the treatment of respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, decreased heart rate, disengaged cholesterols plaques, cleanses the body, improves the function of the nervous system, reduced elasticity of blood vessels, cholesterol, bile and activated holding increases potency.

And with lutein, which is contained in pistachios can improve vision.

should take into account the fact that many connoisseurs prefer to eat them with cream and strawberries.And there is nothing surprising, because pistachios are able to give the original flavor of any dish.

harm pistachios.

As mentioned above, these tasty nuts have on our body is not only a positive impact, but also negative.

pistachios biggest disadvantage lies in the fact that they are soaked in salt water and then dried.As a result of this processing technology, they contain a lot of salt, which is very bad for our body.Plus, many people prefer to use them with beer.So do not be, because in conjunction with this drink pistachios are a great strain on the cardiac system and kidneys.

Pay attention to the fact that all the nutrients are preserved only in dry and raw.If pistachio fry, they lose 95% of all amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, etc.

And finally remember: in no case do not clean their teeth from the shell, as you call it cracks and scratch the enamel.