Can I eat apples at night?

By Admin | Health Recipes
24 May 2016

Apples - one of the most popular types of fruit.In addition, they are very useful, they are also low in calories.That is why they are allowed to eat in many diets, but nevertheless, many people have a legitimate question as to whether you can eat apples at night.

Nutritionists are no restrictions in this regard do not express, because this fruit, unlike many other easily digested and absorbed by our body.Moreover, doctors recommend the use of these fragrant and delicious fruit as a snack, evening and night.They blunt the feeling of hunger, and it is absolutely not harm the body.

The scientists also point out that eating apples is useful for the night as only one fruit can reduce the level of sugar in the blood, breath, normalize blood pressure, which in turn will contribute to a favorable sleep.All these miraculous metamorphosis occur due to increased blood levels of vitamin C.

also a practical way has been found that eating an apple at night, we currently provide reliable and sound sleep, because

these fruits contain vitamin B6, which is a natural electrolyte.In addition, this magical vitamin plays an important role in metabolism.He literally can "melt" fat deposits small stocks.

Due to high content of fiber in apples feeling of fullness from eating the fruit lasts long enough.So just bite this fruit, you can sleep peacefully all night and not worry about the fact that hunger will not allow to fall asleep or wake up at all during the night.The same fiber improves digestion, so food, our use even in large numbers, to fully and quickly digest.For this reason, we will not have the unpleasant sensation of swelling, heaviness, nausea, it is no secret that most people experience such discomfort after a hearty meal.Just one apple, eaten at night, able to stop such feelings, and therefore, the process of falling asleep physiologically pass quickly, and the dream will be strong, full, calm.

Experts point out that this positive effect is observed only in the event that limit the use of only one medium-sized fruit on the night.Otherwise, a person faces a banal overeating.