When can I drink alcohol after antibiotics?

By Admin | Health Recipes
24 May 2016

Today antibiotics - it is one of the most used methods of treatment of the large number of diseases.Antibiotics are now prescribed to both adults and children, since grudnichkovogo age.But haphazardly and illegally use antibiotics in any case it is impossible!It is sure to be a specialist to get an appointment, because the medicine properly selected, its dosage and method of use may cause more harm than good.

include warnings about the correct use of antibiotics completely for all drugs of this group definitely meets a warning about the impossibility of the simultaneous use of alcohol with these drugs.Such medication and alcohol is strictly forbidden and can lead to very negative consequences.

When you can start drinking alcohol after a course of antibiotics?

strictly defined time period for such a ban on the use of alcohol is not.In each individual case, to consider several factors: what kind of drugs were used, what was the severity of this illness.Antibiotics, a large number, they all have their

own characteristics, and it certainly should be considered.The instructions usually given general advice to the drug, but then necessarily need to analyze the severity of the disease, which has been moved.For example, if a person has had problems with the liver or kidney, the period of the ban on alcohol intake should be increased, since the data to internal organs will be very difficult to cope with the cleansing of the body from the effects of drugs and ethanol simultaneously.

minimum period which must be maintained after taking antibiotics - it is three days.And there are a number of drugs for which the removal from the body will require a longer period of time and then the alcohol will have to abstain for several weeks.Many doctors are advised not to drink alcoholic beverages to their patients as long as possible, so that the recovering person is not a conflict between the action in the body of drugs and alcohol.In diseases of the liver and kidneys ban on alcohol is extended for a longer period.

due to improper use of antibiotics and alcohol in humans may occur a number of adverse effects.It is possible to develop a variety of allergic reactions, exacerbation of intoxication with a further loss of self-control, liver damage, nausea, and headache, dizziness.In addition, it is necessary to understand that the concomitant use of drugs and alcohol greatly reduces the effect of the drugs.