Stomach ache right of the umbilicus

By Admin | Health Recipes
24 May 2016

Abdominal pain of different nature - a phenomenon often enough, which can occur in people of any age and gender.Practice shows that most patients often complain of abdominal pain with localization to the right of the umbilicus.Naturally, on the basis of the symptoms and even if the initial examination it is impossible to immediately diagnose, but nevertheless, here are the basic causes and diseases that trigger pain considered to localization.

main causes of pain to the right of the navel

  1. menstrual cycle.This symptom appears in about two to three days before menstruation and virtually runs from the beginning of menstruation.In this case, the pain is usually pulling character.Such symptoms are not characteristic of all women, and occurs in approximately one out of four.No danger and going to the doctor is not required if not accompanied by other symptoms, such as such as heavy bleeding, fever and so on.
  2. Ectopic pregnancy.When diagnosing this pregnancy symptom may be a warning sign.Pain localized to
    the right of the umbilicus in the lower abdomen.It should be an urgent appeal to the doctor, because the development of the fetus outside the uterus can rupture the fallopian tube and the displacement of the fetus in the abdomen.In the absence of timely medical intervention can not be ruled death.Concomitant symptoms may address the following manifestations - internal bleeding, anemia, and a rapidly developing state of shock against a background of strong pain.Especially dangerous is the long duration of ectopic pregnancy (before 12 weeks) with no apparent symptoms.In this regard, if there is pain in pregnancy above the abdomen, immediately seek medical attention.
  3. inflammatory process localization in the uterus or appendages on the left side.Inflammation can be triggered by various diseases of female urogenital system, which in most cases are caused by the penetration of the infection into the vagina.Examples of diseases may make the following - cervicitises various kinds, ureaplasmosis, vaginitis, and so on.
  4. Diseases jejunum - obstruction or inflammation.As a rule, characterized by pain, cramping in nature.The patient often experiences nausea, which usually ends with vomiting.Vomit in the structure typically have the gastric juice, the state often constipation and non-waste gases, which largely provokes painful.It requires urgent medical intervention, since, for example, obstruction can result in death.
  5. stomach ulcer.Ulcers may have any location, including those located on the right side, which causes the appropriate pain.The manifestation of pain occurs mostly after meals (especially spicy, greasy or alcohol).Sometimes patients decreased appetite.
  6. Overeating.Not associated with any abnormalities, and due to excessive consumption of junk food.She does not have time to digest and causes constipation and difficulties in waste gases.Usually it is a one-time administration of the drug to stimulate the digestive process (eg mezim) or laxative (eg Senade).

no circumstances should not be allowed self-diagnosis.If there is pain in the abdomen (especially if they are long-term or periodic nature) should consult a doctor, who will go to US.Only after that it will be possible to put an objective diagnosis and to select appropriate treatment.