I Quit Smoking and recovered, what to do?

By Admin | Health Recipes
23 May 2016

Many smokers girls dream to get rid of this bad habit, but stops one "but" - quit smoking, most men and women immediately get better.And this is one of the most painful fact for many the female, but in fairness it should be noted that many smokers have unhealthy thinness.

However, medical opinion on this issue remains unchanged - it is better weight than the habit of smoking.According to research experts 50 kilograms of excess (is extra) weight bear the same injury as smoked a pack of cigarettes a day.Quit smoking, you are unlikely to immediately recover 50 kg, but still, the emergence overweight - bad factor.

Why smoking cessation appears overweight?

body smoker has some features in comparison with other people.For example, it is proven that nicotine increases metabolism.When smoking heart beats more often, which increases the metabolism, the amount of consumed energy is also increasing.And nicotine is able to blunt the feeling of hunger.

reasons for which there is excess weight after quitting, qu

ite a lot:

  • improve mood.To many it may seem strange, but in the same way as the use of sweets increases the level of dopamine and nicotine acts in the same way.That is, if you quit smoking, you will automatically want to eat more than sweet, and hence the caloric.It was then that the scales and crawl up.
  • attention to the face.Heavy smokers are almost never part with a cigarette, have a habit of keeping his hands in the face, to be exact - near the mouth.When quitting the habit is so constant snacking can become a cause of weight gain.
  • sense of taste.Smoking leads to the fact that the taste buds begin to work properly.Smoker with experience will never be able to fully experience the taste of food.Once a person quits smoking, the receptors are reduced.The food seems to be more delicious, and the smell of it - more appetizing.Hence the desire to eat more.
  • Jamming stress.Quitting smoking - it certainly stressful for the body, but also for the smoker too.Many psychological problems during the start to "stick" them.The same happens with the girls to quit.

Thus, the main cause of weight gain after quitting smoking is the food.Do you eat, your metabolism slows down, and this inevitably leads to accumulation of excess kilos.

What to do to not get better?

If you just decide to quit, these rules will help you avoid the problem of excess weight.If you have already recovered after quitting, the execution of these instructions will help you to bring your weight back to normal.Optionally, you're as thin as before giving up a bad habit, but still, your weight will tend to decrease, while the figure - the ideal.


Regular exercise - the foundation of a healthy life.For any woman, regardless of whether or not smoking, moderate exercise are beneficial.Sports will make your figure more beautiful, and smoking cessation will allow to spend more time training ha, because you will breathe much easier.

Not at all necessarily go to the gym or group lessons.Small exercise you can afford to provide in daily life: a walk on foot during the lunch break after a meal on the way home on leave one stop earlier and walk the remaining distance on foot, stop the elevator and the stairs prefer.

Proper nutrition

Compliance with the principles of good nutrition - it is a position that will help you to be healthier and feel much better.With proper nutrition is impossible to gain extra weight.If you think that such food is not for you, just try to reduce the number of its daily diet of sweet, roasted, smoked.Alcohol is also not recommended, especially in large quantities.

Eat small, frequent meals.This advice dietitians can be attributed to the principles of proper nutrition, but if you do not practice, then such a regime would be eating rather than fasting all day and a good dinner.And as a snack, choose not chips or nuts, and fruits.