Abdominal pain under the right ribs

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23 May 2016

pain on the right side under the ribs at least once in his life had even completely healthy person.The reasons for its occurrence can be myriad.Therefore, if the pain is repeated several times, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Possible ailments

Typically, these pain symptoms do not occur without cause.Doctors say that it is the first signs of the following health problems:

  • liver disease (cirrhosis, geppatity);
  • inflammation of the gallbladder (holetsestit) or pancreas;
  • malfunction of the genitourinary system;
  • tumor growths;
  • disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

To pinpoint the cause, which has caused such discomfort, doctors recommend that, above all, to listen to the localization of these sensations, as well as to understand the nature of pain.This will help professionals to establish a preliminary diagnosis.

pain concentrated in the right upper quadrant behind

In this case, with high probability we can say that there are problems with the kidneys or pancreas.

Inflammation of the k

idney can be identified by the following additional features.You must flip side of his hand along the lower edge of the rear.The pain will be the propulsion character.

In case the pain is a symptom of herpes nature and is concentrated on the rear side of the right edge, likely causes are inflammation in inflammatory gland.It can provoke abuse of alcohol, fatty foods.

Pain is localized in front of the ribs

In that case, if the pain is concentrated in this area, the factors provoking it may be inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia).When the patient feels the stabbing pain, which is particularly acute when inhaling, coughing.In addition to pain in humans is further increased body temperature, there is a fever.

also pain in the front of the ribs on the right may indicate gallbladder disease.In this case, it will clearly be felt in the bottom of the ribs.

blunt pain or aching in nature may indicate a malfunction of the liver.This is often one of the obvious signs of "jaundice" or Botkin's disease.In addition to the pain it can be recognized by a yellowish tinge of the skin and whites of the eyes.

also often such manifestations make themselves aware of the different types of ulcers.In these diseases the person clearly feels the pain of a smooth transition from hypochondria in the back and waist.

sharp pain in the right upper quadrant

is likely pancreatitis - acute inflammation of the pancreas, and of such a nature that a person literally can not straighten up and stand up straight.The only position in which the patient becomes a little easier - lying on his right side.Besides the severe pain of the patient is very sick, there is repeated vomiting.

Diagnosis of the disease is mandatory with repeated repetition of pain should consult a physician.He will hold a series of studies:

  • examine the skin, eyes and mouth;
  • hold palpation;
  • patient surveys;
  • appoint a series of laboratory tests;
  • if necessary, prescribe consultation of a specialist.

Only after that the doctor may prescribe a comprehensive treatment.You should be alert to the possibility that in some cases may require hospitalization.

First aid for pain sensations

relieve pain in the right upper quadrant pain-killer to help Nospanum.An adult is recommended to drink a couple of pills.The daily dose should not exceed three pills.In that case, if the pain does not pass, should immediately seek medical attention.