Bloating bottom right

By Admin | Health Recipes
23 May 2016

Bloating causes human discomfort and involuntarily raises questions about the state of health.Indeed, this phenomenon does not occur just always indicative of certain faults in the body.Let's try to find out the causes of bloating the bottom right and examine some ways to help ease the patient's condition.


bloating Bloating is localized in the lower right part of it, accompanied by pain and fever may indicate appendicitis.If you suspect that this disease should immediately call a doctor.

Bloating bottom right can talk about the presence of intestinal obstruction.Along with the manifestation of the disease the patient will disturb cramping, pain occurs suddenly, vomiting, prolonged absence of the chair.

The emergence of this unpleasant condition may also be associated with the transfer of stress and excessive exercise, development of diseases of the genitourinary system (in particular cystitis or kidney stones), it takes place at a stomach ulcer or gastritis.

often bloating, flatulence acc

ompanying observed due to improper diet.The fact that as a result of disturbances of the digestive process takes a significant amount of sulfur-containing gases that accumulate in the intestine, provoke a swelling of the abdomen.

Bloating observed in the lower right part of women may indicate the presence of certain gynecological problems, including thrush, uterine fibroids, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis.Abdomen can swell and deliver pain during menstruation.

In order to establish reliable cause bloating in the lower right part of it you need to see a specialist, who will certainly appoint a blood test and go through a set of diagnostic tests (ultrasound, X-rays).Features


When bloating, regardless of the cause of this condition, you must undergo certain limited food menu.At the time of treatment should abandon pastry, chocolate, fatty foods and a variety of sausages.Under the strict prohibition of alcohol and smoking.

help eliminate pain and medications, the most common of which acts as a drug But-spa.It should be borne in mind that this drug has several side effects, and therefore it is important to carefully pre-read instructions.Pregnant women before taking shpy necessary to consult a doctor who will prescribe the optimal dosage of the drug, which will have no harmful effects on the developing child's body.

If pain or bloating and help folk recipes.So well established broths of parsley or dill, calendula, sweet clover, wintergreen.It should be that these herbs help cause side effects, so it is recommended to apply them after an accurate diagnosis.It is useful at this time to eat yogurt, which is celebrated as part of probiotics, which are a good means of combating bloating.

Thus, bloating in the lower right part of it always indicates the presence of specific malfunctions of the body.It is best not to self-medicate, but get expert medical care.