Restoring microflora after antibiotic

By Admin | Health Recipes
23 May 2016

Antibiotics accounted for almost anyone to use.After they receive the body has to recover, and sometimes it requires additional treatment.Pharmaceutical companies advertise special preparations, but you can get the right diet compliance.

about antibiotics and dysbiosis

Antibiotics have an irreplaceable effect in serious diseases - kill microorganisms within.If they do not take more than a week, according to all the requirements of a doctor, the flora back to normal after some time on their own.If they are taken haphazardly, long alternated drugs, you will need to help the body to bounce back.

Inside man is always a lot of microorganisms.Most of them are useful.They perform a protective function, involved in digestion, strengthen the immune system, sometimes produce vitamins.Antibiotics kill absolutely everything - the good bacteria and the bad.Restoring microflora or treatment of intestinal dysbiosis involves two processes:

  • recovery volume probiotics - beneficial microorganisms;
  • use of prebiotics - components that feed probiotics, most often vegetable fibers.

Dysbacteriosis - it is not a disease, it's just a violation of the microflora, mostly in the colon.Any preparation of dysbiosis contains probiotics, which are to be delivered to a place of dwelling.But most of the drug dissolves in the stomach, and kills bacteria in acidic medium.If there is a protective film, the drug begins to dissolve in the small intestine, where the bacteria will die from the alkaline medium.Thus, the colon gets very little bacteria, so that the effectiveness of all drugs dysbiosis in doubt.It is not necessary to take them without the consent of a doctor.

Methods restore microflora

to restore intestinal flora after exposure to antibiotics is necessary to good nutrition.So the body receives and probiotics and prebiotics, and the pleasure of food.You must eat something, where many micro-organisms that are not digested.To restore the microflora, it is necessary: ​​

  • drink kefir and yogurt with bifidobacteria, probiotic.Among dairy products need to choose those that have a minimum shelf life (not more than a week).Otherwise, many products contain preservatives, additives, flavorings and colorings that can worsen the condition of the body;
  • drink plenty of fluids.It's just water, Kombucha, green tea.All of them are considered to be very useful;
  • cabbage kimchi and sauerkraut - fermented foods sources contain fermentation products - special bacteria.Kimchi - Korean pickled cabbage and spices.It is advisable to choose a less hot spices.

Simultaneously with probiotics need prebiotics to use.This nutrient medium, which will help develop new beneficial bacteria.Most of the good bacteria eats poorly digested by the human body plant fibers.It is useful to have cereal, drink broth on the bones.

If the body is severely malnourished, the immunity is lowered, the doctor may prescribe additional medications to welcome galactooligosaccharides lactulose.This prebiotic preparations, which can not be obtained by natural means.

Encouraging the development of intestinal microflora in a short time will completely remove traces of antibiotics and strengthen the body.Do not be afraid to take antibiotics - if treatment is started promptly, their negative impact can be significantly reduced.