Is it possible to dramatically quit smoking?

By Admin | Health Recipes
23 May 2016

Smoking - this is a serious problem of society and although many are trying to get rid of this bad habit, but not everyone goes.People think I always have time to quit, and then they begin a frightening thought, how hard it is to do it in reality.Doctors and studies show that it is possible to quit smoking abruptly.So do a lot simpler and easier for the body.

myths about the dangers of abrupt quitting smoking

once to make a decision and do not smoke - this method is suitable for healthy people.The elderly, with a strong exhaustion, chronic diseases, it is desirable to consult with doctors as easy to eradicate the habit.The rest should not be afraid to give up smoking.Some people believe that it can dramatically worsen the state of health, but in reality:

  • cough may occur.This is a sign that the body of toxic poisons out and start the process of restructuring and life without nicotine addiction.This cough can be heard in the morning a smoker with a great experience, so it is a temporary phenomenon
    and quickly passing;
  • increase irritability - a sign of psychological adjustment.Most often a person smokes in certain moments, when nervous, bored, facing difficulties.The lack of opportunities to smoke, breach instigated graphics and causes irritation.Normally a strong desire to smoke a cigarette lasts no more than 3-7 days and after weakening.The solution would be a distraction and refocusing on nice things, as well as classes where you can not smoke (games with your child, visit the cinema, theater, public places where smoking is not);
  • appears overweight - the human body because of the nicotine undergoes constant intoxication, so it is always less than the norm.To replenish energy smokers tend to eat more than those who do not have a bad habit, and many are trying to "seize" the need for a cigarette.The slight increase in weight - it is a normal process.Too sharp and substantial increase - the problem of malnutrition rights;
  • weakness, decreased immunity - the result of the restructuring of the body.Nicotine has the property that reconstructs the operation of all organs and systems by itself, is required to maintain a certain concentration in the blood.Once the access is terminated, and the process of recovery, which requires certain amount of energy.Some people, on the contrary, feel the rise of forces.

All unpleasant factors quitting smoking are short and, on the contrary, confirmed the process of purification of nicotine, lead to improvement.Easy to endure this time, health is much more valuable than the temporary discomfort.

correct way to quit smoking - a sharp

Scientists have found that the main obstacle to quitting smoking is not the probability of deterioration of health, and psychological factors.Many are afraid of the widespread belief that it is difficult.According to the polls it was very difficult to 3%, 17% identified the condition as it is difficult to 20% experienced some difficulties, and 60% said that it was much easier than they expected.

is difficult for those who made the decision under the influence of external factors (the relatives of public opinion).While the man did not realize that pushes him to a cigarette as bad, he can not leave the habit.Option "to the dispute", even when a serious rate usually is temporary.

If a person wanted to quit, he should do it immediately.Only in some cases assume a preparatory period for the gradual reduction of nicotine intake.Once the decision was made, it must be fully implemented not later than 2 months, so sharply smoking is possible and necessary for the physical and psychological health.