Cough in a child in the morning

By Admin | Health Recipes
23 May 2016

Parents are always responsible for their children.When a child begins one day cough, especially the situation alarming parents themselves.First, try to close it alone, well, let alone the long continuation of the cause of illness care.But not always the pediatrician can provide effective assistance.It often happens that the pediatrician did not even delves into the symptoms of the disease and prescribes medicine conventional destination instead of an individual prescription.

turns out that there is no doctor who could immediately eliminate all causes of cough.If the parents do not trust any child's doctor to start treatment themselves.But before you start doing it yourself, you must know what is actually a cough.

should be understood that the cough - it is not good and not bad.It is a kind of symptom.Whatever got into the respiratory tract, the body tries to one and the same way to get rid of it.As a result, there is a sharp reduction in the lungs, which is called a cough.The most important thing to

understand from what the body tries to get rid of the child, as a cough can appear completely different reasons.To it leads the accumulation of phlegm in the airways of the baby, or swelling in the mucous membranes.There is also a reason that is called in medicine pathological cough reflex.It might be due to signals from the brain, which give the command to clear the airway.How do you determine what type of cough is manifested in the child.The answer is quite simple - it is necessary to listen to the type of cough.If you understand what the baby cough, you can proceed to its treatment.

wet cough is different from other types of presence of mucus in the throat or nasopharynx of a child.Thus, it will be the sound as if the child inside the throat great amount of moisture.This can happen, or during illness, the presence of temperature and other symptoms of the disease, or in the morning when the mucus collects in the airways of children.

What measures should be taken in such situations.First you need to do a blood test.He clearly define the presence of disease, and tell what action to take next.And yet, when symptoms such as fever, cough wet, red eyes and other unusual style of the child, you must contact the children's pediatrician.Self-medication can cause trouble and have a bad impact on the health of your child.