How soar feet with mustard?

By Admin | Health Recipes
23 May 2016

If you recall the oriental medicine, it has always paid a special, more significant attention because of feet and palms as they are "reflected" our vital organs and regular acupressure can relieve a person from many pathologies, as a kind of stimulation.

Many use mustard baths from these considerations, because the feet are placed reflex zones of the upper respiratory tract.Others choose it because trust traditional medicine and experience their grandmothers.Yet doctors do not deny that physical therapy treatments.

mustard baths do need when you have found the first cold symptoms, such as malaise, fever.If there is already a runny nose and sore throat, you need to have time before the temperature rises to 37-38 ° C - doctors say differently.Mustard contains volatile substances which may irritate the skin surface, i.e.nerve endings.This helps increase circulation and sweating.

How soar feet with mustard?

  • preselected container and wash it with soda.This can be a basin, which descends to the ankle fo
    ot, ieOnly a foot or a bucket, which is immersed in the knee.Previously, there was only relevant way to the last: it is believed that the lower leg warm also very helpful.At the bottom are advised to put a linen cloth, but without it is unlikely that anything will change.
  • Initially the water temperature should be appropriate for the person that is about 38 ° C. Pour liquid mustard powder (1 tbsp. L. Per liter).It is recommended to dilute it in a small bowl with hot water to a slurry, which is easier to mix into a large container.You can also use mustard (1-2 tbsp. L. To 5 liters of water) or mustard.
  • a lot of practice to add in a bath of essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, in parallel to get rid of a cold, breathing "healing" pair.
  • soar feet need to warm up, then they should pour cold water.It is a kind of quenching.In parallel, in a basin topped up with boiling water.So it is recommended to do a few times.During the whole procedure you need to bring the water temperature in the bath to 40-41 ° C.
  • After 20 minutes, take out the legs, good rub with a towel and wear socks made of natural wool.The event of decoupling feet should be carried out only at night, to the man immediately went to bed.
  • are in bed, you can reinforce the effect of mustard bath: drink herbal tea, adding a slice of lemon, raspberry jam, honey or a little brandy.

contraindications to the use of preventive methods are: menstruation or pregnancy, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, varicose veins, or abscesses on the extremities.It is also worth remembering that mustard is able to cause allergy, so using this method of treatment to children should be careful.You can not use it if the baby diathesis.

duration of the event should not exceed 30 minutes.Babies feet better to soar to 15 minutes.The procedure can be done repeatedly throughout the day.When improvement is much weaker, you can use mustard bath.Mustard not only improves blood circulation in all organs, but also increases its defenses, stimulates the immune system.Also, it is good because it is incomparable with medications, but also cheap and harmless.