Colitis heart: Causes

By Admin | Health Recipes
23 May 2016

Heart pain is now so common that almost everyone suffers.Who is afraid of the consequences, while others quietly takes from the fact that they are isolated cases.However, it is understood that no matter how rare, "colic" manifest - it's like a signal violations.

often causes stabbing pain in my heart is his disease, unlike that of other causes of the symptoms of the disease may be different.In addition to the sharp pain, a heart may be pulsating, likely pulling sensation, burning, tightness in the chest.

most likely causes and what colitis heart following:

  • Pericarditis.
  • infarction.
  • rheumatic diseases.
  • Congenital disease.
  • vices.

should focus on pericarditis - an inflammation of the heart membrane.It exerts its features usually only initially, because at this stage, the friction pericardial leaflets which is able to hear the doctor listening.

also unpleasant stinging sensation may occur during excessive physical exertion for a person.However, you should give your body a break and well-being

will improve.Typically, therefore, it manifests angina.The resulting fatty plaques interfere with blood flow to the heart.In parallel with the sharp stabbing pain may be feeling tightness.

If unpleasant symptoms overtake you when you are not physically in the voltage, it is likely to autonomic dysfunction, or echoes of your depression.Sudden tingling deep breathing causes embolism - a blood clot in the lung artery, blocking blood flow to the heart muscle.

Aortic dissection also causes periodic sharp pain.Usually, this disease is the result of trauma.Separates the tissue under the pressure of the circulating blood.The reasons for the sharp pain may serve even damage the musculoskeletal system.If you notice other diseases that can disturb the cardiovascular system, it is, for example, pleurisy.Often it is seen in pneumonia, cough.

Do not leave without attention and myocardial infarction.Its by symptoms often can be confused with pericarditis, but usually it is only the second cause.It is a blood clot that blocks normal blood flow.Incidentally, pericarditis caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites.Tumors and growths which occur less frequently.

As you can see, the reasons for stabbing sensations in the heart muscle are different diseases, but with similar symptoms.Depending on this, you can watch different doctors.Not always have to deal with heart disease cardiologist.Treatment may appoint a pulmonologist, trauma, orthopedic, neuropsychiatrist and other doctors.