The tablets from the throat

By Admin | Health Recipes
22 May 2016

With pain in his throat faced each someone forced it to seek help at the hospital, and some of it almost do not notice.But in any case it is necessary to know the causes of this pain and that using public medical facilities can be rid of it.

most common cause of pain is inflammation of the mucous membranes in the throat.This occurs in many diseases, and cause them to various viruses, bacteria, microbes.In addition, the state of the throat may affect the bad environmental conditions, inhalation of cigarette smoke, eating food too hot (or cold), injury to the throat.

In most cases, a sore throat is a manifestation of pharyngitis (acute form), there may be felt not only the pain, but lethargy in the body and a slight increase in temperature.When the first symptoms should see a doctor.

as a cure for a sore throat lozenges are used.They possess anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect.The components that make up the complex influence of drugs: they destroy pathogens and thus have a healing effect.One of

the best known products in this area is "Geksaliz", which removes in a short time all the symptoms of pain in the throat.Apply it is possible to both adults and children.Also known drugs are: "Lorpils" "Grammidin", "Anti-angina" "Rinzai Lorsept" "Septogal" and many others. These tablets are intended for resorption after application for 3 hours should not drink or eat.

To pills were more palatable in their composition add sugar, citric acid and other sweeteners taste. For most people this is not a contraindication, but for diabetics without a doctor's recommendation such tablets to take prohibited. Only a specialistbe able to choose the ones that will not harm the health of people with this disease.

often a sore throat is caused by a sore throat. Its symptoms are sore throat, fever, headache, and sometimes there is pain in the joints. For the treatment of this disease is used antibiotics inbeginning of treatment using antibiotic injections, and then the tablet. The best preparations for this are considered "Septolete" "Faringosept" and "Sebidin".

In pregnant women, there is a general decrease in immunity, and treatment for any disease should not harm her or her unborn child.When a sore throat prescribed absorbable preparation "Lizobakt" which is taken after eating and not more than six tablets throughout the day.

Kids welcome such tablets may be at an age when the child can independently resolve them.Apply them to be in between meals and make better use of the following drugs: "Efizol", "Falimint", "Sebedin" and a number of other tablets.