Lumps in the neck.

By Admin | Health Recipes
22 May 2016

If a person suddenly appears a lump in the neck, it is, of course, quite strongly frightened, but, as experience shows, to the hospital with symptoms in no hurry to address.Though outwardly it looks unpleasant, but the man himself does not cause any pain, however, these symptoms on the body can not be ignored, because the reason for their appearance can be much more serious than it looks at first glance.

Let's first look at the reasons of such cones.In fact, they are the result of an increase in the volume of lymph nodes.But by itself such an increase occurs, it causes infectious disease.This could be measles, mononucleosis, tuberculosis, acute respiratory infections, severe tooth pain, ear pain, and so on. D. Often a specialist in the survey of a large cones detect even a few small bumps.Accurate diagnosis can be set only an experienced doctor, so be sure to go to the hospital for help.

Approximately 80% of all cases appear bumps on the neck in the side of the neck, but this does not mean that they

can not be formed elsewhere.The appearance of such cones was observed even in children.This is due to the fact that they often suffer from SARS and ARI.In any case, parents should consult a doctor because these bumps are a direct indication that the body of the child has a serious inflammation.

not always the appearance of bumps on the neck is due to disease of the lymph nodes, and sometimes they occur in the neck for another reason.They are called wen or sebaceous cysts (or lipoma).This tumor develops very rapidly, and its causes are metabolic disorders in the body.It is considered that for the treatment of sebaceous gland is necessary to apply a general cleansing of the body, but the official medicine does not confirm this hypothesis.To distinguish this tumor from bumps, appearing as a result of inflammation of the lymph nodes is simple, easy to sebaceous gland under the skin will move when pressed on it.

Treatment bumps on the neck depends on the cause of its occurrence, such as a lipoma removed and the bump, which appeared as a result of an infectious disease being treated.But in any case, first the doctor will examine you and then assigns the appropriate treatment.In some cases, professional intervention is required narrower qualification, in particular, an infectious disease specialist or surgeon.