Why crunches jaw?

By Admin | Health Recipes
22 May 2016

Some people are faced with the phenomenon of crunching jaws.Let's try to understand why this is happening and whether it is a deviation in human health.

It is worth remembering that the human jaw is a joint and it is subject to external factors.Practical experience has shown, in most cases, the jaw of crunches quite explainable and understandable reasons.Due to the large motor activity, and it begins to crackle (in conversation) that may be associated with the profession of the person: those who talk a lot, read aloud, and so on. D. Jaw crunches under heavy load due to stretching fibrogena.Over time, the joint becomes greater mobility.This phenomenon is often experienced by women due to the natural tendency to long conversations.This reason is not dangerous to human health.

More rarely occurs because of the crunch of gas bubbles which are formed in the jaw.When they burst, we notice a distinctive crunch.This phenomenon is caused by the body and increased load on the jaw, but the risk to health is not

.Just reduce the load (less talk, chew) and soon the crunch will pass by itself.

Crunch can be caused by more serious causes.Thus, if reducing the amount of synovial fluid which prevents friction puts the upper and lower jaw, there may occur crunch.This happens in people undergoing surgery or due to serious injury.In this case it is reasonable to apply immediately to the hospital for the qualified help.

People with reactive arthritis often face this problem.It was found that in this disease lymphatic cells not perceive his own jaw as part of its same organism.Because of what is happening, doctors have found out so far.

In rheumatoid arthritis also appears crunch, but it is accompanied by soreness and swelling.Usually, these symptoms subside in the evening.

crunch in the jaw can appear at everyone, but if it is accompanied by pain and takes a long time, be sure to seek medical help.