What if my knees crunch?

By Admin | Health Recipes
22 May 2016

If squatting or walking, you hear a crunch in your lap, make sure you consult with this problem to the doctor.If we ignore the advice and treatment, it is highly likely that in the future, your knees begin to ache, and even swell.

now often faced with this problem, not only the elderly, but also young women.What causes this?In fact, the causes of a crunch in your lap can be quite a lot, but the main one is a sedentary lifestyle.With a shortage of motor activity, muscle tissue weakens and breaks down the blood flow, which leads to the deterioration of cartilage structure.

Also, the presence of excess body weight may contribute to this problem.Constant high heels, too, is one of the common causes of crunch.

Not the last role is played and food: if you eat a lot of salty and sweet foods, it may contribute to this problem.

Frequent crunch should immediately visit a rheumatologist which is recommended even for young women.Even if your fears will be premature, consultation and doctor's advice will be use

ful in order to avoid such health problems in the future.

happens so that a doctor diagnoses arthrosis and young women, who were surprised to perceive its imposition.To crunch in the knee can cause injury and even long-standing, which you can and forget.Improperly balanced diet is also a cause of the crunch in the kneecap.

This issue should be taken very seriously, because in her advanced stage, doctors often have concluded a disability!

When the doctor treated the same problem, it first establishes its stage.For this purpose, use X-rays or scans, and only diagnosed the doctor prescribes the appropriate treatment.Usually it is the physiotherapist, physical therapy, and a diet rich in calcium.

But you can help yourself by yourself.To do this, we recommend taking a warm bath followed by application of nourishing cream on the feet.Good help Russian bath, so when very tired and recommend it.

also advised to do a special wrap knee.For its preparation is mixed five spoonfuls of vegetable oil with one of orange juice (lemon possible).This mixture is moistened cloth and apply it for half an hour on the knee.After removing the tissue knead leg and smeared with cream.

perform regular exercise, such as scissors and a bike, especially if you have a sedentary job!