How to remove the capillaries on the face?

By Admin | Health Recipes
22 May 2016

This problem may be faced by both men and women.Rosacea is not an infectious disease, it appears for quite understandable reasons.The capillaries can burst due to the large temperature variations, at high physical exertion, due to poor environmental conditions and because of the abuse of tobacco and alcohol.

Remove the network of broken capillaries on the face can be applied burdock juice, cream-gel of concoctions, green tomato pulp.All these folk remedies that have been tested by time.

With the same purpose, you can use apple cider vinegar.It is moistened cotton swab and kept near the problem areas of the face.From herb nettle infusion do, then it is frozen into cubes and use them later to wipe the skin.This should be done in the morning and evening, when there is no make-up on her face.

But the most effective method in dealing with broken capillaries is to appeal to the beautician.Specialist, depending on the individual factors in your body, will select the most appropriate method of treatment of

this problem.Most often, the person is removed from the capillaries of using ozone therapy, laser rejuvenation, and by the flash hardware.

rejuvenation results are noticeable after 2-3 sessions, the skin becomes more elastic and healthy, capillaries disappear forever.The effect of this procedure can last a long time or a very long time, it all depends on the person, on how he is committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Laser therapy is used quite often.It is slightly more expensive than resurfacing, but no less effective.Its disadvantage is that after the ten days on the face is the crust, so you have this week and a half to spend at home or in the clinic.

Ozone is used only in very advanced cases.But the best treatment - is prevention: just lead a healthy lifestyle and not abuse tobacco and alcohol, and then your skin will always be healthy and beautiful.