The basil is useful?

By Admin | Health Recipes
22 May 2016

knowledge about this green and branched plant that resembles a mint, came to almost everyone.I love this spice has led to the fact that it is often referred to in cooking different nationalities.In addition to its unique taste, basil has a big advantage, which we did not even guess.What is it and how can this amazing plant used for therapeutic purposes?

Basil belongs to the mint herbs and added to dishes as a seasoning as its flavor is much stronger mint.It tastes both sweet and bitter.Some species of this plant resemble the smell of walnut nutmeg or cloves.Basil in a dry form has a stronger flavor than fresh.Drying should be in the shade and stored in airtight containers of glass in a dark place.This seasoning is very sensitive to light rays, humidity, rapidly losing its properties under their influence.

Caucasus, Western European, South European, French, Greek cuisine is widely used in dry basil.It leaves seasoned with fresh salads, soups and other cold dishes.For therapeutic purposes, use the infl

orescence of this remarkable plant.

Basil is rich in content as follows: ester oils (up 1.5%), sugar, carotene, vitamins PP, B2, C, rutin.

Many years ago, the basil was called "royal herb".Of course, he will be more useful as fresh.Feature pickles and marinades will give sprigs of seasoning.The aroma is pleasant because it leaves essential oils that contain substances such as linalool, cineol.You can improve the taste of pates, preserves and sausage and add the dry basil leaves.It can be put in omelets, salads with crab meat, meat, mushroom and fish dishes.Residents of Azerbaijan this spice is added to the drink, Uzbekistan - to tea.Often this seasoning mixed with other spices to give a peppery smell (basil, rosemary), increasing the sharpness of the finished dish (with basil Chabrov).Also, this plant can be mixed with parsley, marjoram, mint, coriander, tarragon.

Basilica attributed to bactericidal effect, a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal system.Prepare a solution for gargling by coughing, enough to brew basil leaves and inflorescences.Recently, experts who studied the properties of a "sacred 'basil (Ocinum Sanctum), found in it the property to protect the body against substances that cause cancer of organs: heart, liver, kidneys, nerves are capable of hitting at the cellular level and genes.

territory growth "holy" basil is in Asia, and India.Some pharmaceutical companies use this plant as a reducing agent for strength and rejuvenation.An interesting fact is that the properties of basil act as a repellent - repel insects that fly and suck our blood.To repel mosquitoes, some people planted around your home is a wonderful plant.The effect will be felt basil, even if it is placed on the wall in pots.

tangible benefits of basil.Tea with basil consumed in the formation of gases in the stomach and gastric disorders.These complement the food of those who suffer from lack of appetite, nervous diseases, insomnia, chronic fatigue.To do this, one tablespoon of dried basil pour a glass of boiling water and, after twenty minutes, drink the drink before going to sleep, like tea.

basil oil is able to tone system of nerve fibers, to cheer up, enhance and restore the nerves, relieve anxiety and fatigue, to clarify the mind, relieves headaches and depression, improves breathing during colds, helps with catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, asthma, bronchitisand a cough, reduce the severity of the allergy, rejuvenate cells, as a powerful antioxidant.

basil essential oil is able to anesthetize locally, relaxes the smooth muscles of the uterus and stomach.Hence its widespread use in intestinal and stomach cramps, difficult digestion, whooping cough, gout, chronic (allergic) rhinitis, arthritis as an anti-inflammatory agent, otitis, toothache as a local anesthetic.This oil was used and in purulent inflammation of the skin, burns, wounds from infection (including microsporia and trichophytosis).

Based basil are also preparing an ointment which has immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, bactericidal effect, can eliminate itching, swelling, burning sensation.

scratches and cuts heal the seeds of this miracle plant by infusion (one tablespoon of basil seeds take two cups of the boiled water and insist their thirty minutes).Wash wounds received lukewarm infusion.At strong disorder (diarrhea) come to the aid basil seeds.Up to five tablespoons of dried seeds fry in a pan, which should be chewed thoroughly.One day take half a teaspoon - is divided into three single dose 15 minutes before a meal.

Sometimes basil juice drink with epilepsy.Hot milk with the juice of the plant will be more effective in treating colds.When inflammation of the gums (stomatitis) basil just chew.If motion sickness, this plant can also provide good service.