What to do if exfoliate nails?

By Admin | Health Recipes
22 May 2016

Every second person often notices that he exfoliate nails.This man is no difference, or woman, old or young people.Metabolic disorders of the body can be a common cause of this problem.Seasonal (winter or spring) beriberi, diets that deplete the body, stress, fatigue, or poor circulation can cause a sudden bundle nail cover.

Each of us at least once faced with the influence of the above factors.Due to these influences, we sometimes whipped her hair become krohkimi teeth exfoliate the nail plate.

Few will agree with withering looks in this direction.So often, these customers go to a specialist for advice available.Regularly replenishing your body with vitamin complexes, going to the doctor can be postponed.Naturally isolation of the desired amount of nutrients for the proper process of the exchange from the daily diet is impossible.To simplify this task, we resort to various tricks: drink supplements, vitamin complex with the addition of the mineral components.When bundle nail plate daily menu should

be diluted dairy dishes and seafood.

When a problem such as lamination nails, you must be in the house of the oil from the olives.It contains many vitamins and nutrients that are so necessary in a healthy diet.It can be used as an external agent, to strengthen the nail plate.This oil is rubbed directly into the nails, then omit the fingers in the tub with warm water and lemon juice.

Stratification nail happens if they are not reinforced.Therefore, the bath with warm water and add a simple table salt may well provide a restorative procedure.For greater effect, better use of marine or oceanic salt.Thus dyes and fragrances (which may contain a salt) - unwanted components such trays.The procedure itself does not require much effort: just mix one teaspoon of salt and nearly two hundred ml of heated water.Fingers can be lowered into the solution.By the time of soaking salt it will take no more than twenty minutes.When exfoliating the nail plate such a procedure should be repeated every day for two weeks (the course).In prophylactic enough once every seven days.

With such pronounced symptoms nails should not be painted a simple varnish and shoot it a liquid that contains acetone.In the case of a scheduled an important meeting, the desire to have an impeccable appearance (this includes one must have excellent manicure), it is necessary to apply a varnish of calcium-containing base.A varnish is better to remove the liquid, which is at the heart of the oil.

If there is such a problem, but the lack of a perfect time rubbing oils and salt baths decision, should start taking calcium along with vitamin D (oily suspension) course.Do not be amiss to remind that the calcium-containing additive without the required micronutrients not be absorbed by the body and cause more harm than good.When the manifestation of separation of nails is to eat more foods rich in zinc and potassium, among them are: apricots, apples, prunes, bananas, pumpkin seeds.

In the absence of the opportunity to purchase these products as an alternative to food add egg shells, pounded to a powder.Previously it well washed, dried, crushed, calcined in an oven at a high temperature of not less than ten minutes.The treated shell triturated and teaspoon added to food.

If there is such a problem, as a bundle of nails, you should regularly fine-grained nail file to file space peeling nails.Such care will not flake on your nails.Also, after this procedure, it is necessary to put on pads okolonogtevogo special creams or oils that nourish, moisturize and strengthen nails.When the bundle of nails, experts recommend covering them with a special enamel.With a curative effect, it will protect them from the adverse external factors.

lamination of the nail plate is always signaled to us the need to draw attention to lifestyle and diet.Health primarily displayed in appearance.