How to cure a runny nose for one day?

By Admin | Health Recipes
22 May 2016

with a runny nose may face each of us, and at any time of the year.But, of course, by this disease people often suffer in the cold and rainy weather.To ensure that you have a runny nose - just once wet feet or short time to stand up in the draft.He is one of the symptoms of the common cold and to prevent further development of the disease, it is necessary to be able to quickly heal.And it does not have to use the medication, runny nose, and well treated folk remedies.

Consider a few ways to work out how to cure a runny nose for one day.

  • Here is one of the most effective methods.It is necessary to take a hot boiled water (some) and dissolve in it one tablespoon of salt which must be dissolved without residue.We give the water a while to cool, then start with this solution to wash nasal passages.It must be used all the liquid, after a good blow his nose should be.This procedure is carried out in the evening and getting up in the morning you will not see a trace of the cold.
  • From uncomfortable nasal d
    ischarge can be removed and a completely different method.For this we need a couple of eggs.They need to boil and allow to cool slightly this product.They should be warm but not hot, so as not to burn your hands.Take them and are putting the two sides to the nose, thus we warm up the sinuses, and it is - one of the most effective ways to quickly get rid of a cold.
  • Remember that the disease begins with the legs and not to catch a cold, they should always be warm.At a cold, it is important that the feet were under a blanket or warm socks, as even the most effective ways to combat the disease under consideration will be useless if the feet are cold.
  • good tool in the fight against the common cold is the mustard.It can be used in several ways.The first is to make mustard plasters to the feet just a man, after he takes a hot bath.And the second way: to make mustard bath which actively promote the elimination of symptoms of the common cold.
  • very effective and useful in such cases bow.It must grate and wrap in a damp cloth, which is then to be put on top of the nose.Hold a compress should be 15 minutes.Runny nose passes for one day.
  • often use the following method of treatment of the common cold.Take garlic, horseradish and onion, crushed them and put together in a jar with a lid.Further, the patient must as often as possible to smell coming from the banks during the whole day.Be sure to leave a runny nose pretty quickly.This method is also recommended as a preventive agent against the common cold.

In cold weather, dress warmly and avoid drafts: it will be the most reliable method against the appearance of a cold.