Gargling with hydrogen peroxide

By Admin | Health Recipes
22 May 2016

Hydrogen peroxide has no smell, no color, and for most people it is well known since childhood.This tool is widely used for various purposes because it has an antiseptic effect.But few people know that hydrogen peroxide is used for the treatment of certain diseases that affect the throat.This is what will be discussed below.

All doctors in diseases directly related to the throat recommend the use of various means to rinse it.And one of them is hydrogen peroxide, which is important to know how to use it.To do this, we need to take a couple of glasses in the first mix 1 tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide with 100-150 grams of water.The resulting solution helps remove dangerous plaque from the tonsils and lower intoxication.

second cup, we need also to prepare a solution, but it must be that of a peroxide rinse throat.For this purpose, you can use ordinary water, but rather something else.For example, a decoction of chamomile or sage, soda solution or a solution of potassium permanganate, but only weak.

By the way, alternating peroxide solution of potassium permanganate and well treats rhinitis and sinusitis, but it should be 1%.

Gargling should start with hydrogen peroxide.Rush is not necessary, because the better you gargle, the greater the effect will achieve.Perform this procedure in the usual way: throwing back his head back and tried to gargle a little longer.After using all glass peroxide solution process the body of the second glass, thereby purifying the particles it from peroxide.

Gargle should be every 3 hours, gradually harmful plaque from the throat should abyss.As soon as you notice it immediately stop using hydrogen peroxide and only use solution which was used to rinse the throat with this tool.

contraindications to the use of hydrogen peroxide to rinse the throat there is little, except for individual intolerance of this solution.In all other cases, you need only ensure compliance with precise dosing of peroxide, as it can affect the body's metabolism, immune and hormonal processes.Doctors advised her, even with very serious diseases.

Hydrogen peroxide is also used for the treatment of gum disease, such as periodontitis, it (three percent) to be mixed with soda to pasty consistency and rub into the diseased gums.Apply three times a day for as long as the disease does not take place.

When angina peroxide helps to recover much faster than many other funds.