Red spots under the eyes

By Admin | Health Recipes
22 May 2016

some people, it may seem that it is not necessary to pay attention to the little things like red spots under the eyes.But in fact, the problem requires a more careful approach.The cause of the spots may appear: kidney problems, lack of oxygen, dermatological problems, allergies, fatigue, stress, smoking, improper or misuse of its makeup removal (for women).We can say that the appearance of red spots indicative of problems in the human body.

Depending on the cause of the spots are selected and the method of dealing with them.If their appearance is triggered by seborrheic dermatitis, it should immediately seek help from a gastroenterologist.The cause of this disease is that the organism accumulates large amounts of carbohydrates, which takes place when the operation of the gastrointestinal tract or due to alcohol abuse.If the case is under stress, it is important to understand its cause and has, on this basis, to deal with it.Some people stains are the result of using the water for washing, which in its

composition contains impurities causing redness age itself.It is recommended to eat more foods, which include vitamin B (cereals, legumes, fish, cheese, and so on. D.).

solution to this problem lies not only in the elimination of the causes of red spots under the eyes, but also in the care of the skin.That is, you need to use a moisturizing mask, nourishing creams, cleaning the skin around the eyes, do special massage and so on.

To remove stains and giving the skin a beautiful and soft type, you can use the packs and masks.Here are a few recipes for their preparation:

  • Take the gauze and make her two little bag, and then fill them with dill (seed) and lower for a short time in hot water.Remove and allow to cool slightly, then place on closed eyes and lie down so 15 minutes, remove them.
  • Take raw cucumber and cut him several rings, then grind them to a grater.The resulting slurry was put on the eyes for 15 minutes.This mask nourishes, moisturizes and soothes the skin while the eyelids.
  • Take the potatoes and cut out of it a few rings, then they are putting to the eyes.
  • Make a decoction of chamomile (mint, water with lemon juice) and freeze it into cubes.After that, they make regular massage the skin around the eyes.
  • very effective against stains or decoction of cornflower series.Its first brewed and then allowed to cool and applied to the eyes for five minutes.You can also make ice cubes out of the broth!
  • means are good teas of fennel and parsley.Of these, you can also make and facials.

After these procedures, the skin age necessarily applied cotton swabs soaked in vegetable oil (olive oil, wheat germ oil).If you use any cream make sure in advance that it will not cause an allergic reaction on the skin.

Make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthy and nutritious food, regularly visit the open air.And then you have every chance to get rid of red spots under the eyes in a short time and prevent their re-emergence.