Treatment of renal cysts

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22 May 2016

Many doctors from this illness, except for operation (mainly with the removal of the kidney), no other way can not offer.But even after the surgery to remove it, it appears next to or on the other kidney.So what happens if you do not eliminate the cause of its occurrence.

in 5.5% of people on Earth found a kidney cyst.The causes of this disease for doctors remain unclear.Participation of the growth of cysts on the kidney of the population of the former Union.What is the reason?It turned out that after the adjustment stopped limed land and make necessary trace elements for human health.People began to use acidic products, drinking acidic water, to reduce the pH value of the body's own fluids.But while reducing it to a certain level occurs settling individual sections of kidney viruses, bacilli, fungi, stimulates the growth of cysts.

Man 5 million years ate plant foods, and has been formed as a result of a long evolution of the intestine, such as a hors
e.Thus, his intestines intended for processing plant foods that you want to alkali.Meat products has become the man to eat somewhere 3000 years ago.In such a short period of the intestine did not have time to readjust.English physician Justin reads more than 75 years ago proved graphically that the more a person uses of plant food, the longer it lives.

For those who still doubt this information, cite the experimental medicine to reduce the pH value for certain types of products. meat - 2.3 pH units, milk - 1.9 pH units, egg - 2.4 pH units, vodka- pH 1.4, whey - 2.6 pH units.From plant foods is not recommended lemon and cranberries.

Treatment of cysts on the kidney involves:

1. Complete failuremeat from dairy foods, eggs, vodka, whey, lemon, cranberry.

2. Switching to vegetarian food with a predominance of: rice, buckwheat, oats, corn, barley, seaweed.

3. Acceptance of "dead" water of 170 grams for 3 days for 50 minutes before meals 3 times a day with the addition of a tablespooninfusion of wormwood and celandine. Note: dead in the water, you can add 3-4 drops of pine oil.

4. Acceptance of turpentine and 1 tablespoon 2 consecutive days for 40-50 minutes before meals three times a day.

5. Acceptance of "living" water of 170 grams with the addition of hydrogen peroxide (3%) of 15-20 grams per 50 minutes before meals for2 days.

6. Fasting 48-72 hours (including 36 hours of dry running).

all Repeat steps 4 through 6.

7. After the second starvation, and it may already be 3-5 days, begin to receive "live" water hydrogen peroxide.

8. After the third fast (depending on how it is tolerated) can be after 2 days of "living" water starttake aviation kerosene ( peeled ) 10-15 drops 3 times a day.It can drip on sugar or bread.

9. The fruits of the chestnut can be taken on an empty stomach in the morning and one in the evening before bedtime.Who knows how to cook pancakes are on the goat milk - it contributes to a rapid decrease in the size of the cyst.

10. For many, is an effective means of propolis tincture in vodka (0.5 liters per 50 grams of propolis), reception 3 times a dayone teaspoon.

11. Infusion of aspen bark (tree age up to 5 years) on the "dead" water is used in the final stage of treatment.The rate for each selected individually.I must say that the infusion is not very pleasant, but very effective.

cyst decreases very slowly: there were cases of 1.5 months, and the incomplete implementation of the above, many patientsShe disappeared for 4.5-5.5 months.The choice is yours.But if left untreated, for a total decrease of pH value of body fluids to 5.55 pH units within a week she goes to cancer, and with it much more fuss.Those patients who regularly monitor their pH value and keep it at the level of 7.1-7.2 pH units, achieved successful treatment of cysts in 1.5-2 months.

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