The healing properties of the golden whiskers

By Admin | Health Recipes
22 May 2016

Golden mustache - a plant is really unique.It is unpretentious, grows well in the home, and medicines out of it can be used both for external and for internal use.The healing properties of whiskers can not be questioned: it is able to restore the function of the digestive and respiratory systems, improve heart and normalize metabolic processes (including diabetes mellitus, and obesity) to treat painful joints and more.But !!!Specific scientific data on the effects of this plant on the human body, we still do not have.It turns out that conventional medicine does not refute or confirm the healing power of the golden whiskers.

However, we can say that the plant is a rich source of B vitamins, trace elements (chromium, copper) and some bioactive substances that can improve the vitality and quality of the most important metabolic processes.

must say that drugs are the golden whiskers can cause some side effects: fever, weakness, itching, rashand
redness of the skin, hoarseness, mild visual disturbances, and so on. d. Typically, this happens when you overdose and are hypersensitive to drugs from this plant.Therefore, it never hurts to consult a doctor.

But not to be unfounded in relation to the healing properties of whiskers, here's a very simple piece of advice: try to put the whole or crushed leaves of the plantfor aching joints - should help!