Echinacea - almost a panacea

By Admin | Health Recipes
21 May 2016

Echinacea purpurea known in our flora like Rudbeckia purpurea.This is a perennial flowering plant family Asteraceae native to the eastern regions of America and Mexico.The Indians used echinacea for centuries to treat a variety of inflammatory diseases, burns, festering wounds, sepsis, arthritis, epilepsy, measles, sore throats, colds, diseases of the teeth and mouth, hemorrhoids and indigestion.

Naturally, physicians interested in such a wide range of applications of this plant.Even in 1915 it was established immunomodulatory effect of echinacea, which are due to its truly miraculous power.This is not surprising, because in a strong immunity, we are not afraid, not only any infectious inflammatory diseases, including tuberculosis, and even cancer.In this plant all the curative part of it - from roots to flowers.In today's world of echinacea made more than 300 kinds of medicines.The popularity can be judged from the fact that in Western Europe and America, medicines an
d teas of echinacea uses about 80% of the population.

Apply echinacea in the form of infusions, decoctions, alcohol tinctures, powders, ointments and regular tea.In summer you can use a whole lot of green and flowers fresh.Plants for the future harvest from June to September, dried in the shade, crushed and stored in a dry place in boxes or paper bags.

For those who grow echinacea on the site, the most simple and affordable drug-preventive agent - teaout of freshly picked flowers.After all, it can be drunk without any problems from June to frost the most.At 0.5 liters of boiling water is enough of two flowers.After an hour of insisting his drink in 3 divided doses during the day before eating.Tea different light bitterness and a pleasant balsamic taste.

Depending on the disease in the base tea can add other herbs, such as St. John's wort,oregano, chamomile, thyme, linden blossom, mint.

If in the winter you will be using dry plant, the 0.5 liters of boiling water takes only 2 teaspoons minced raw.

very convenient for use and storage of vodka infusions of leaves, flowers and roots of Echinacea.It is prepared in a ratio of 1:10, that is 10 g of ground Echinacea poured 90 ml of vodka or 70% alcohol and infused for 7-10 days in a dark place at room temperature, then filtered.Drink tincture 25-30 drops 3 times a day before meals.The course of treatment - 1 month.It has a beneficial effect in chronic bronchitis, inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, prostate adenoma.In any colds, accompanied by cough, and pneumonia in addition to receiving the drops into the infusion should be rubbed back.To achieve a warming effect, and deeper penetration of the active ingredient can be blended into the Echinacea tincture with water and a preparation called "Dimexidum" (available in pharmacies) in a ratio of 1: 10: 3.

Babies for immunity, for colds, flu, indigestion useful to give milled on a coffee grinder to powder echinacea (grass and flowers) honeyin a ratio of 1: 3.

Juice of Echinacea or vodka its tincture quickly heal all sorts of scrapes and wounds, accelerated blood clotting, and mouthwash cures pharyngitis, sore throat,stomatitis.

Farming Echinacea cultivation is very simple.For several years, its cultivation, I was convinced that it is enough simply to sow its seeds in autumn or early spring, and then only to weed and occasionally watered.The dressing it practically does not need, it is unpretentious, grows even on poor sandy soils, drought, but loves open spaces and plenty of sun.In the first year forms a rosette of leaves, but the flowers and seeds appear only in the second year.By the way, the roots can be used only on the biennial plants.Perhaps multiplication and division of uterine bushes, while the bloom Ehin-Tseya in the year of planting.

Note that Echinacea is an excellent honey plant and beautiful ornamental plants, able to decorate any flower garden.

Grow a couple of dozen plants echinacea, you will provide yourself and your family a wonderful drug that can strengthen the immune system and thereby protect against many diseases.