Arterial hypertension.

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21 May 2016

Heart pumping at each of its reduction of blood into the arteries, creating in them a certain pressure, which often rises with us for the day.This is quite normal, becauseIt is the response of the body to overcome any stress, both physical and emotional.Voltage passes - and blood pressure returns to normal.Long, persistent increase in pressure of more than 140/90 mm Hg.Art.It leads to an increase in heart size and reduced arteriolar lumen that obstructs blood flow and increases the blood pressure.

signs of hypertension are headache (often occipital), flashing "flies "before your eyes, palpitations, fatigue, poor sleep.At a pressure of 140/90 to 160/100 mm can still confine diet and herbal medicine.It should be less use of hot spices, foods, saturated fats, bakery and confectionery, alcohol and coffee.Merely reducing the consumption of salt is equivalent on the medical effects of certain medications that reduce blood pressure.Daily rate it shou
ld not exceed 3-5 grams (1 teaspoon).I want to draw attention to a number of non-obvious on the face of the facts.In cheese, depending on the variety, salts to 20 times greater than curd;in sausages -
20-25 times greater than in the meat;in canned vegetables - at 7-30 times more than fresh vegetables.Table salt activates the mechanisms underlying vascular spasm.In addition, salty food makes you thirsty man drinks a lot, it increases blood volume that also contributes to high blood pressure.At the same time, increase your intake of foods rich in potassium salts: dried apricots, raisins, prunes, peas, seaweed, potatoes.In the body, potassium salts, sodium salts are antagonists and therefore they required at various heart diseases.

Herbs can help to normalize the pressure in the initial phase of the disease.It - hawthorn, cranberry, beets, uliginose, valerian, mistletoe.Decoctions and infusions of the plants drink, alternating, rates for 1 month.

When 3-4th stages of hypertension along with diet patients needdaily lifelong medication, reduce the pressure.

you want to live -Quit

nicotine contained in cigarettes - the first enemy vessel.Half an hour smoked cigarette causes a spasm of blood vessels and increased blood pressure.Long-term smoking is not only causes a narrowing of blood vessels, but also increases blood clotting, which promotes the release of adrenaline in the blood, the accompanying stress and physical overload, and it strengthens the heart, oxygen consumption, the influx is in the process of smoking is limited.Nicotine has on the cardiovascular system of double effect.On the one hand, it constricts blood vessels, impairing blood circulation, especially - in the heart muscle itself.On the other - fuels the heart, causing it to work with a vengeance.At the same time the heart is idle, becausefor this is not real exercise.In addition, this work takes place in low supply of the heart muscle due to vasospasm and oxygen deficiency.Over time, this leads to the depletion of the reserves of the heart muscle and the development of cardiovascular disease that shortens life expectancy.So the slogan "Do you want to live - Quit" - is highly relevant.

sedentary lifestyle sooner or later leads to the development of cardiovascular disease, with oneof the first signs of which is the shortness of breath.This explains why at the same exertion dyspnea in physically trained people is less pronounced than in those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.Especially important is physical activity in old age.