How many hours of sleep to be healthy?

By Admin | Health Recipes
21 May 2016

Good sleep is a very important component of a healthy lifestyle and one of the main factors of wellbeing.Overloaded mental and physical labor all day, night, our body needs a rest, otherwise achieve any positive results will not succeed.Do not try to cheat nature.Do not run after success at the expense of their own health, as we all know, health - the most expensive.So, how long you need to sleep?
Most sleep experts agree that to fully recuperate the body enough rest every day about 8 hours.This dream is complete, allow the whole day to feel fresh and not feel tired.But not all of our time is to understand and often underestimate the importance of sleep.

When we sleep, our body is restored.In particular, actively released an extremely important element needed for energy metabolism - adenosine triphosphate (ATP) acid.During human activity that acid is released continuously at a cellular level, thereby releasing enormous amounts of energy, which never match with the releas
e of any biochemical reaction.Therefore, the more we sleep - the more adenosine triphosphate synthesized.Of course, the dream is not only useful synthesis of ATP, but only on this one bright example shows why we so quickly get tired, and sometimes as a result of lack of sleep can not productively work energetically.Now we understand that it is impossible in a simple reason for the absence of basic energy sources.

If you love your body and do not want to lose health, responsibly Treat to the duration of his own dream.And soon you will see that your business is better because enough sleep well, hence the well-being, joyful mood.To achieve the greatest possible effect on sleep, you should also create favorable conditions for him.One such condition is the temperature in the bedroom: best when it is average - not very low, but at the same time is not very high.Before going to sleep always check the performance of the thermometer.If they are too high - ventilate the room.It will also increase the level of oxygen in the air that also promotes healthy sleep.In the summer, when the temperature allows, you can open the window all night.This, among other things, help to harden the body well.Basically, if you are not afraid of the cold, the window can be left open at night at any time of the year.But do not forget that this is always the risk of catching cold, so in this respect need to act at their own discretion.It is also not recommended to expose the low temperatures of children, especially little ones - their bodies are not yet ready for such a hardening.

addition to a good long sleep at night, and has the effect of reducing naps.Even a few minutes in between the work can significantly increase the productivity of your business.Responsible companies that understand the importance of this holiday, let their staff a little nap right on the job.Perhaps this is one of the keys to the success of such companies.Employees who work in them is much better able to cope with the work in the afternoon, and not merely was serving his shift and passively wait for the end of the day, as often happens.

So, to maintain the rapid pace of modern life and all the time in high vitality, a person simply needs a good healthy long sleep.This way you also avoid many diseases and keep your body in good condition for years to come.The dream - one of the basic human needs, along with food and breathing.We need to sleep a third of their lives.But do not overdo it - too long sleep negatively affects health, as too short.Here we need a happy medium.And remember that overtime instead of sleeping - it is senseless time saving on your own pleasure, and to no good it will not.