Problem snoring and how to get rid of it

By Admin | Health Recipes
21 May 2016

Many people suffer from snoring, and completely different age and sex.If you do not snore, you are likely to have to listen to your husband snores.This prevents normal sleep at night, and sometimes brings to rabies.But out of this situation there is a way, and you can get rid of snoring once and for all.

Sometimes because of snoring can occur even cardiac arrest.This, of course, an extreme case, and it happens rarely, but still occur.

Snoring is distributed as a result of vibration of the oral cavity during breathing.Basically, the problem exposed dense people.Also, according to statistics snore more than the older than the younger ones.The cause of snoring can serve as a deviated septum, nasal congestion or are overweight.

Generally, the possible causes of this phenomenon are many.Here it is necessary to look for the ones that you have seen and eliminate them.Distributed as follows:

- When we sleep on your back, the throat muscles relax and the
tongue can interfere with the free flow of air into the lungs.In the mouth of the vibration occurs and hear snoring.

- Narrowing of the nasopharynx.This may result in the first place, its bending or receding chin.Also, the impetus for this can be chronic inflammation and congenital narrowness of the nasopharynx, enlarged tonsils, soft palate too, and so on. D.

- Smokers often a chronic inflammation of the trachea and throat, low tonemuscle nasopharynx.The result is a narrowing of the airways and is formed snoring.

- Alcoholic beverages have the ability to relax the muscles of the nasopharynx, which is also well stimulate snoring.

- During menopause, there are strong hormonal swings.They significantly reduce the muscle tone of the nasopharynx, contribute to the emergence of obesity and snoring.

Snoring is very difficult to solve the problem, and to get rid of him, invented many ways.To start a rule of thumb to perform the following simple steps:
1) Before going to bed always make sure that the nasopharynx net.
2) If not, clean it.To do this, use the special drops for the narrowing of blood vessels or a solution of sea salt.Well, gargle and go to sleep
3) Under the head have to be a pillow to sleep better at his side.
4) Avoid alcohol 4-6 hours before bedtime.
5) Also discard any sedatives, sleeping pills and antihistamines - all this destroys the muscles of the nasopharynx.
6) Lose weight.This will help not only to get rid of snoring.

offer to your attention the following exercises to strengthen the muscles of the nasopharynx:

- noises "and"using the muscles of the neck and throat.You should get something close to the "s-s-s."Do this by two times for 30 times each day.

- Strong stick out your tongue so tense all the muscles at the base.Repeat this movement 30 times.

- Perform smooth movements of the lower jaw back and forth 30 times, too.

result will not take long.Even after ten days, your muscles will become much stronger.But, despite this, do not immediately stop doing the exercises - the effect should be fixed.

Also known as medical methods to get rid of snoring.This rinsing, inhalations, aerosols, nasal drops and others.Sell ​​special scarves that extend wings of the nose to improve air flow and get rid of snoring.There are other, more sophisticated devices that should be worn over the nose or put into the mouth during sleep.Before using these tools, consult your doctor.

learn how to deal with the problem of snoring, do not delay the case.Over time, more and more difficult to get rid of this pathology.If none of the above does not help and you still snore at night, ask for help from the clinic to the professional doctors.They have in the arsenal of a large variety of different treatments.It is not necessary to self-medicate.Such extreme measures like surgery, can be taken only by a medical initiative.