How to get rid of a sore throat?

By Admin | Health Recipes
21 May 2016
All of us from time to time faced with this problem.Usually throat starts to hurt in the morning.First, there is a burning sensation, unpleasant sensation in the mouth, it hurts to swallow.The main causes of sore throat are sore throat, pharyngitis, flu, tonsillitis and acute respiratory disease SARS.It appears in a variety of months.During cold weather reduced immunity due to insufficient intake of vitamins, the body becomes more accessible to the virus, which are deposited on the tonsils.In the summer, especially on hot days, we often drink excessively cold water and eat huge amounts of ice cream.You can not run the treatment of pain in the throat, as in this case, it can become chronic.If such pain occurs very frequently, it may indicate a weak immune system.In this case, it needs to be strengthened: take plenty of vitamins and biologically active substances.
Many popular medications used to use a sore throat in the form of lozenges, tablets, powders, are struggling with the discomfort.
Today there is a huge variety of such funds.All of them are divided according to the principle of action and nature.
antiseptics are designed to kill all the germs that proliferate on the surface of the throat.If this bacterium, the disease should not be delayed, and if viruses, there antiseptics are not effective.But do not completely abandon them even in viral diseases.The fact that they exhibit excellent properties and good enveloping soften the throat, thereby enhancing immunity.This type of drug found in the form of tablets, lozenges, pastilles, aerosols and sprays varied.Duration is approximately three hours.For maximum effect, try this time not to eat and drink.Do not eat candy too frequently to avoid damage to the liver itself, since in their composition except antiseptics includes other essential oils to facilitate the breathing process.
Another type of drugs to get rid of a sore throat - it anesthetics.Their action is primarily aimed at the mitigation of the throat, as well as the elimination of discomfort and feeling sore.Coping with the bacteria, they do not know how.The bulk of these, anesthetic agents are available in the form of drops and lozenges.
also used a variety of combination drugs that they eliminate the bacteria and irritation persisted.This is all possible lollipops, solutions, aerosols and the like. D. To solve the problem at the root, it is widely used adjuvants.They boost the immune system and the body acquires the ability to cope with their own illness.