Meals for kidney stones

By Admin | Health Recipes
21 May 2016

a result of metabolic disorders in the human body develops kidney stones.And as the life of modern man perfectly contributes to this disorder, the disease is one of the biggest health problems.

kidneys in the body play a role of a blood filter.They relieve it from any dirt that gets it from the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.And, if too much amount of debris clogged kidney and stones are formed in them.As a result, you may experience extremely unpleasant diseases such as hypertension, allergies and asthma.It is well known that the inhabitants of rural areas are suffering from these diseases is much less common.First of all, because of the clean environment and better nutrition.In the case of kidney stones proper nutrition plays an important role.With such a diagnosis can not eat salty, sour, fried and spicy foods.It should also be to completely eliminate from your diet alcohol, strong tea and coffee.The same applies to canned food.

for kidney stones is necessary to refuse also from all the broth.The more acidic or salty foods, the greater the percentage of salt and acids it contains.Salts without being immediately withdrawn from the kidney, crystallize and debugged, knocking into the rocks.A acid, falling under the active influence of enzymes transformed into salt.As for the fried food, it is very rich in refined fats.If they are not promptly processed by the body, it is still clog except kidney and liver.Various spices contained in large quantities in hot dishes, a negative impact on the mucous membrane, often causing its inflammation.Beverages such as wine, tea, coffee also contain a lot of acid.They should also not be used in case of signs of gastritis, pancreatitis and similar diseases.

Canned meat and fish are composed of a number of preservatives (it is clear even from the title).They should be used as an exception, because they pose a threat to both patients and healthy.As there are sick with kidney stones?It should first of all be a vegetable, rich in vitamins, food, boiled meat and juices.All this comprises at least salt and preservatives.But, of course, some products do not contain harmful substances, not enough to get rid of stones.You must be cleansed of them.For this very useful are plums, prunes, carrot juice, figs.They contain trace elements that stimulate the activity of the kidneys.To gradually dissolve and bring stones from the body, well help melons, watermelons, grapes.The people known for a simple and reliable way to get rid of kidney stones with the help of watermelons.All that is needed is in the middle of the night to sit in a hot bath and eat a large watermelon.Immediately you will feel that the disease recedes.

Biologists explain the effectiveness of the national method follows.The fact that the hot tub well relaxes the body, especially at night.And, therefore, relaxes the ureters.A watermelon, in turn, dissolves stones and accelerates their removal.It is important to have in your menu, there were currants, pears, turnips, pumpkin, asparagus, radishes, beets.Regular consumption of pears, will speed up the process of crushing of stones and their output.Remember, too, that have the greatest effect is fresh produce from their own garden.If you can not grow them, look for organic vegetables and fruits in the market.

Another useful in urolithiasis product is rice.There is a diet built on the soaked rice without salt.Take it easy, because they do not necessarily give up the familiar food.Put in a jar two tablespoons of rice and pour plain water.A day later, do the same with the second jar.And so five days.Every day, rinse the previously soaked rice.In the morning, on the fifth day, cook the rice in the first bank and eat on an empty stomach.Then you can have any other products.To achieve positive results, continue to stick to the diet about 1-2 months.Thus, you will not only clean the joints and almost, but also easy to part with a few pounds of excess weight.

So, if you suffer from kidney stones, change your diet, or with them not to leave.Otherwise, you have to constantly put up with pain and recurrent acute cystitis.