Cottage cheese diet

By Admin | Health Recipes
21 May 2016

This diet involves eating only foods such as yogurt and cottage cheese.However, it is one of the most effective reducing diets.After receiving one portion must come satiety.In the event that this does not happen, you can eat cheese casserole.Suitable as a bit of bran flour.For several days a diet you will lose about 700 grams of extra weight.

Curd diet has many positive qualities.It is very satisfying and at the same time nutritional much easier tolerated than, for example, liquid diets.You will be hard only if you do not like dairy products.Then the food is digested poorly and are unlikely to achieve the desired result.

recommended a couple of days before the start of the diet is not nothing but milk with honey and tea.Thus, after such a discharge, you will experience the feeling of hunger and your body will respond well to any products, including non-dairy favorite.Obviously, so your diet will be much easier and without pain.Cottage cheese diet just is perfect for veg
etarians, who have decided to throw a little overweight.Several difficult to transfer such a diet will people who used to eat a lot of meat.

There are three main options for cottage cheese diet.

1) First, during the day to eat hundred grams of cheese four times.Top diet is suitable for home, with low-fat cottage cheese.In the portion necessary to add one or two teaspoons of food wheat bran.Previously they should pour boiling water and leave for about half an hour.Combine cottage cheese and vegetables, fruits, berries to your taste to the resulting dish was delicious.

2) Another version of this diet: at regular intervals to eat 60 grams of cheese average fat content and drink a glass of milk five times a day.Continue to stick to this diet until you reach the desired results in getting rid of excess weight.

3) And finally, the third version of cottage cheese diet: every day there are five times one hundred grams of cheese and drink it with a few glasses of yogurt.