Nuts and their benefits for the body

By Admin | Health Recipes
21 May 2016
in recent years has become a very common use of nuts in a healthy diet.The fact that they perfectly satisfy hunger, and bring a sense of vitality and energy.Besides tasty nuts.People who consume nuts, at least twice a week, always maintain the organism in healthy condition.
known that nuts contain in its composition is not less protein than, for example, meat, fish or milk.Besides vegetal protein is very well balanced, and we have all the required amino acids such as methionine, lysine.It is ideal for the human body, almost one hundred percent is absorbed and provides its amino acids.The highest amount of protein found in peanuts or peanuts.They can replace the meat to the people who do not use it.That's why vegetarians should regularly have the nuts.They are also indispensable during different diets and act as the primary source of protein.They are often added to salads, cereals, vegetables, side dishes, sauces, muesli and cheese casserole.Nuts are very effective when you need a quick sna
ck and restore physical or mental activity.
Nuts also have a phenomenal healing properties.Taking them as a preventive measure, you safely protect yourself against the development of diseases such as atherosclerosis (formation of plaques on the walls of blood vessels that slow the flow of blood).Through a combination of natural healing substances in vegetable protein, nuts improves fat metabolism and lowers cholesterol.And because of this the most important organs such as the heart and brain, do not suffer from lack of oxygen and vitamins.
most effective in this respect deserved considered walnuts and pine nuts and almonds.From numerous studies in the art can conclude that they are rich in high quality oil, which contain a lot of fatty acids, useful against atherosclerosis.It should also be noted that the majority of fatty acids, particularly linoleic, contained precisely in the pine nuts.In addition, the nuts contain minerals (potassium, iodine, magnesium) and unsaturated fatty acids.Therefore, they should be safe to include in your daily menu in the amount of from five to eight pieces.Thus, you do not have to worry about the future of cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease and hypertension.
According to gynecologists, women who regularly eat nuts are much less likely to suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and is easier to cope with it.They attribute this to the fact that plant foods alleviates the symptoms of the condition.This refers to the headache, severe mood swings, breast tenderness, abdominal pain.Magnesium contained in walnuts, pistachios and almonds perfectly relaxes the body, reduces nervousness and irritability, as well as relieves stress.Magnesium also at cellular level, adjusts the balance of calcium and magnesium and thereby normalizes the nervous and muscular systems.In case of shortage of mineral metabolism is disturbed, which can cause vasospasms.To retain its optimal muscle tone, and body to cope with stress, it is important that the magnesium fed regularly.Therefore, you need to eat nuts daily.Pine nuts also are able to provide the body with the necessary amount of calcium, which is a very important element in the process of blood clotting.It prevents various allergic reactions and pain, reduces blood loss due to menstruation, relieves muscle tension.Hazelnuts and walnuts are rich in potash.This element is very effective in the fight against excessive fatigue and depression.And together with magnesium it also normalizes carbohydrate metabolism.