The damage from the computer and the protection of it

By Admin | Health Recipes
21 May 2016

Modern life is impossible to imagine without a computer and the Internet.But few know that the time we spend in your screen, a negative impact on our vision and posture.Symptoms such as premature wrinkles or skin laxity, is nothing but a result of the impact of the computer on our body.Next we will focus on how to protect yourself from all of this.

- is a very effective means of regular irrigation face.To do this, simply sprinkle a little warm water on your face and rub the cloth.If you make up, it is best to use a moisturizing thermal spray.In addition, it is necessary to restore the skin's moisture, spray will also enhance the color of your makeup.

- should always follow the dry air in the room where the computer is located.This is very important especially during the cold season.There are plenty of special funds for artificial humidification in the room.

- If you use a computer constantly, year-round use moisturizers.Makeup should be applied a special pro
tective cream.

- Avoid washing your face with tap water.For this purpose the best suited boiled water with lemon juice or mineral water.It is useful to also use extracts of herbs such as lime, mint, chamomile, sage.To skin is not dried up over the years, it is recommended to wash with rye bread.Fill the crust of rye bread with hot water and strain.

- Instead of soap use moisturizing lotion containing no alcohol.

- Wipe face with a slice of fresh bread.Very good for the skin as the morning rub frozen juice.

- regularly, at least twice a week for a relaxation of the skin cook yourself packs to saline or softwood basis.To do this, soak a soft towel warm water and put it on your face for about five minutes.

- Well helps reinforce extremely sensitive skin around the eyes is a simple exercise: before going to sleep try to open eyes without opening lashes while.

prove this fact is that the best defense the skin from harmful radiation computer capable of vegetables such as tomatoes and cabbage.We also know that a good pair of cups of green tea can handle the negative impact of the computer all day long.