How to deal with insomnia?

By Admin | Health Recipes
21 May 2016

Insomnia - a very unpleasant phenomenon with which they fought constantly, and I must say, the results of this struggle is not very impressive.It was once thought that insomnia is a problem of the elderly, but today it is not so.Increasingly, young people are faced with a chronic form of this disease.Its symptoms are manifested as an inability to sleep in the extreme fatigue of the body, brief Slight sleep.All this results in a daily passivity, anxiety, apathy, reluctance is in society, etc.

cause of insomnia can serve a myriad of negative events and processes in the body.Sometimes, to set it up, can not do without the help of a professional doctor.But the problem is that for most people a visit to the doctor is excessive waste of time and money, and many simply can not afford it.What to do in such a case?Do not eat, in fact, sleeping pills packs.All that they can give - is a temporary relief, and as a result of prolonged use of very nasty addiction.Taking them, you not only get ri
d of the disease, but also make it worse.

Next to your attention some useful tips to help you get to sleep in another sleepless night:
1) If you regularly consume caffeine drinks such as coffee, tea,including green, try not to take them after dinner, and ideally completely get rid of this need.

2) To prepare the body for sleep in the evening, it is desirable to dispense with bright lighting, shuttered windows.

3) Try to sleep not thinking about your concerns, apart from the heavy thoughts.Of course, count to a hundred to a thousand or not.After all, so you only produce an additional load on the brain.It is better to remember some pleasant moments of childhood, a little dream that maybe sometime happen to you.As a last resort, you can focus on your breathing.

4) Some people help to put on socks on his feet soaked in warm water and wrapped in cellophane.The fact that it is very difficult to sleep when cold feet.We may not even notice, but the body can not relax.

5) If the above does not help, try to drink mint tea in the evening.Go herbal treatment that you can buy in a pharmacy.Typically, they are designed for 2-3 weeks.

Set yourself clear sleep mode, the power and work, stick to these rules and insomnia should go.If it does not, be sure to consult a specialist.