Junk food

By Admin | Health Recipes
21 May 2016

today often in popular magazines or commercials can be seen slim beautiful women who look that way because of the alleged expensive cosmetics and beauty salon.All this, of course, one does not cancel, but, first of all, the appearance of your body depends on what you feed him inside.Proper natural diet - is the key to women's success.That it forms the foundation of the beauty and variety of the means of caring can only emphasize it.

No need to also be considered harmful food only because of the presence of a large number of calories.They are dangerous only possible weight gain.In this same article, we will focus on products actually harmful to the body.Although the company manufacturers of such products all the time trying to convince us otherwise by means of advertising, do not believe all this, because their job is to sell as much as possible, and the health of their customers do not really care.Gradually the need to eliminate from your diet such food, or at least reduce it to a
minimum reception.Below is a list of the most dangerous, according to nutritionists, food.

1) Carbonated water, especially sweet.Not to mention the harmful chemicals in most cases, this water contains a large amount of sugar - about five teaspoons.There may be an understandable question: how can such a drink to quench their thirst.The truth is that he has it, and causes.You can read on the label that the drink contains only natural juice.So, the juice was not more than two percent.

2) Chips.You have no idea how dangerous for the organism a mixture of mashed potatoes with chemical additives.As for the chips from whole potatoes, they are also harmful, as are nothing but pure carbohydrates with fats, moreover, well-crafted artificial flavor enhancers.

3) Semi-finished products for fast food.They are completely useless for the body because it does not contain any sort of natural substances.Regularly eating this food, you risk amass a serious health problem.

4) Chocolate Bars.Yes, they are very quickly satisfy hunger due to very high calorie.It is achieved by mixing special chemical additives and large amounts of sugar.But remember that these bars are able to form a relationship to itself, that without them some people can not do.

5) All kinds of dressings, sauces and mayonnaises.Here, obviously, we refer to shoplifting versions of these products.In fact, instead of making food tasty, they make it very harmful.The fact that they consist largely of carcinogens, trans and similar chemicals.Much better to cook the sauce a natural self.It's not as difficult as it might seem at first.Do not try to save time on your health - no good it will not.

6) sausage, frankfurters, sausages, pates and other products that contain hidden fat.Yes, it is also dangerous, because instead of meat in them camouflage fat, fat, skin that make up somewhere half the total weight.A taste and appetizing appearance they give again with the help of different kinds of dyes and flavorings.

7) Sweets, chewing gum, candy - very harmful products, and in fact in most cases, they are constantly given to children.If you want your child to grow up healthy, save him from this explosive mixture of sugar, flavoring agents, coloring agents and similar stuff.

8) meat with lots of fat.This applies especially to the grilled meat, which is beyond measure overloads the liver and stomach.Much more useful to cook the meat a couple, or in the oven.

9) Alcohol in any dose.Even in small amounts it significantly slows down the process of assimilation of vitamins.Alcoholic beverages in the majority - a very high-calorie.

10) Salt.Well, as without salt?- You ask.Of course, if a complete rejection of the use of salt for you is a daunting task, try at least to the extent of salt food.Salt is harmful for two main reasons: it prevents the conclusion of toxins and significantly increases the rate of blood pressure.

In conclusion I would like to add a few useful tips proper nutrition.Try to eat in a quiet environment so that nothing distracts you.For example, for many people it is a distraction TV.The fact is that sometimes you can not help noticing just how much food we consume at this time.

Everyone knows that the major share of the daily food should be taken in the afternoon.Dinner also should be light and small.But many come just the opposite, that is very bad.Even if you for some reason can not fully dinner, all is not too early to overeat before going to bed.Well suited for the evening reception: fish, lean meat, vegetables and fruit.As for bread, flour products, fat and sweet, then for 5-6 hours before bedtime of that should be abandoned.