The sign "off button"

By Admin | Signs
08 May 2016

Buttons ago was not only an ornament or part of clothing.Ancestors believed that the button (derived from the word "scare") sewn close to the heart, can scare off evil forces and become the talisman against evil people.Therefore, with the buttons associated with many superstitions and omens.

often enough to break away from the hustle and bustle of clothing buttons.What does this mean and what does not hurt to pay attention?

If the item of clothing comes off and is lost, and you can not find a button - you may want to pay closer attention to business matters, which currently holds.Revising the outlook on life, you can avoid the serious consequences of thoughtless attitude to business.

to tear a button indicates that the inner circle was a man with selfish intentions, and detractors dismiss the gossip behind your back, try to ruin your reputation.In the old days, when the button came off, and it did not find guidance feared damage.

The morning rush is in your hands come off the button or broken into

pieces, then today is not your day.You should not rely on luck, but in deeds manifest care and caution.

may not be too follow the signs.If you have a button is about to come off, just sew it stronger and not have to think about the possibility of failure in business.Moreover, the ancestors believed that if you find a button and sew severed, the person opens himself on the other side of the emotional.Demonstrating diligence and hard work, you will create a solid foundation for a career.

There are also signs of family life associated with the buttons.It is believed that When sewing a button on the clothes of a loved one, a girl like "bind" it to yourself.If this item is off, the emotional connection can be broken off.So, we should pay more attention to the wardrobe and check fastening buttons just in case!