Spasms in throat

By Admin | Health Recipes
20 May 2016
Spasm is always characterized by contraction of the muscles that are unable to relax, it goes without saying that all this is accompanied by pain.
spasm able to reach any group of muscles, or a specific part of the body.For example, it may be a spasm of the neck, or other body part.By duration also vary spasms, cramps can last only a few seconds, but may take a couple of minutes.And usually cramps are cyclical in nature, there is a spasm could be repeated many times before to go at all.
In case you are suffering from spasms in the throat, you first need to identify the exact reasons for their cause.
often spasms in the throat caused by a variety of bacterial infections at the same time felt the following symptoms: difficulty in swallowing, you feel pain in the throat, your voice is husky.For such diseases include: pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, a prerequisite for treatment is complete cessation of smoking and alcohol.As treatment is recommended: often drink hot tea, regular gargle sage
or chamomile inhalations, foot bath and hot compress.
in if accompanied by severe cramps heartburn, it means that you have gastro-oesophageal reflux of food, or to put it in simple language dysfunction of digestive tract.Heartburn is caused by acid that because of irregularities in the body begins to enter the esophagus.In this situation, be sure to consult your doctor, who will appoint the appropriate treatment.It is also recommended to consume food frequently, but in small portions, then the stomach will be much easier to digest it.
Sometimes spasms cause pain when swallowing saliva, but not during meals.In this case, the reason for their appearance is probably due to anxiety or stress.For their removal is recommended to massage various physical exercises, deep breathing.It is also recommended intake of sedatives such as novopassita valokordin or, in extreme cases you can do with tincture of Leonurus.But if all of these measures have not yielded the expected results, then you definitely need to see a doctor.
If besides themselves cramps you experience pain in the chest when stooping or when you try to lie, it indicates that you have disorders associated with diaphragmatic hernia.It has been observed that its development is progressing at excess weight, so it is useful to try to normalize your weight.As soon as you lose weight, your health will improve dramatically.There should be frequent but small portions and after a meal not to load themselves physically for some time.If the situation is running and has a severe hernia, without the intervention of the surgeon is necessary.
The patient may also complain of shortness of breath, also can be observed a significant reduction in weight, all this may be symptoms of a tumor of the esophagus.Without medical intervention can not do, the sooner you see your doctor, the better the chances for a positive outcome.
throat spasms often occur in people with stroke, but with proper treatment they will soon disappear!