The smell of acetone breath

By Admin | Health Recipes
20 May 2016
If there is a smell of acetone young children , the parents should not be excessive concern, because at this age children is quite active metabolism and the fluid does not stay long in the body.Even the slight indisposition immediately causes dehydration, and passing water from the body go and substances that are necessary for normal functioning of the child's body.In consequence of this, and an unpleasant smell of acetone breath.
often like smell occurs in young children as a consequence of a viral colds, or when the immune system, and the child's body as a whole is weakened borne diseases.In rare cases, this occurs as a result of the smell of the appearance of parasites in the body.However, if the smell is quite stable and does not disappear after a couple of days, you should immediately contact the pediatrician.
But if there is a smell of acetone an adult , you should immediately undergo extensive examination and pass all necessary tests (blood, urine, and so on. D.).The fact that the appear
ance of acetone breath can be directly linked to diabetes, often with advanced disease.If you do not take the necessary measures in time, you can come diabetic coma, and in some cases death.