He lays his ears with a cold

By Admin | Health Recipes
20 May 2016
Surely some had to face such a dilemma as laying the ears in the cold.It would seem, what is the relationship between the common cold and ear, but it turns out the most that neither is on the line.It is no coincidence all matters related to the ears, nose and throat deals with the same doctor - ENT.
All three of these vital human body is closely related to each other, and if there are problems in one of them, it could affect the neighboring organs.Let's try to understand why the cold can provoke laying ear.But first we need to understand how our ear.In the beginning is the auditory canal, which leads into the ear canal, and from there to the eardrum.Membrane itself quite fragile and can be easily damaged.Behind it is located the empty space, which bears the name of the middle ear.Under normal circumstances the pressure in the middle ear and out the same, so it should be.For the stabilization of the pressure in the middle ear Eustachian tube corresponds - air circulates through it in both directions,
thereby maintaining the pressure is normal.But it may rhinitis clogged, which leads to pressure difference in the middle ear and the outside, and, as a consequence, we cease to hear.In some cases, the case can go even further, until the emergence of diseases such as evstahiit.
The disease is accompanied by inflammation of the Eustachian tube and it has the risk of significant hearing loss.
Often the infection process occurs through the nasal mucosa, if time left untreated can occur catarrhal otitis.
But, what should you do if your ears have already been laid.The most important thing is not to panic, you just need to blow your nose first and special drip nose drops having vasoconstrictor action.After that, you can do one simple but effective exercise.The wings of the nose clamped fingers and try to force the air to draw a nose, the exercise is repeated several times until you hear a soft pop.Hearing returns immediately or within ten minutes.It is also recommended in such cases simply inflating the ball, or blow through a straw, but it is best to solve the problem with a runny nose.
But in any case, without a visit to LORu you can not do, in fact laying the ears can be a harbinger of a much more dangerous disease (facial nerve lesion, meningitis, and so on. D.).Your doctor will help you understand the problem and, if necessary appoint an appropriate course of treatment.