Bump on the heel

By Admin | Health Recipes
20 May 2016
If you have a lump appeared on the heel, it is necessary to determine its size and nature (it is a "bulge" or education, within which probed hard pea), and it is necessary to determine the presence or absence of pain.Of great importance is the localization of the cones.If the lump is painless, then it is almost overlooked.If the lump is accompanied by significant pain, treatment should begin immediately.
Before you start treatment bumps, you need to determine its type and the reasons that led to its formation.Sometimes a person after a night's sleep trying to get to his feet and feels a lot of pain in the heel area.In this case, you need to remember the previous day and determine how it was obtained heel injury.The reason could be a bad jump or even some kind of blow that had an effect on the heel.At first it may disturb quite intense pain, but over time it runs.The pain occurs because of inflammation that develops in connective tissue.I must say that it becomes more pronounced when walking and stan
ding.It should be noted that pain is localized not only in the heel area, but also cover the whole foot.
for the treatment of disorders used painkillers and anti-inflammatory ointment.Sometimes a bump in the heel area is familiar corn, which arises due to uncomfortable shoes.Calluses are not harmful, but cause considerable discomfort, so the first thing you need to change shoes.Over time, the corn will disappear on their own.It should be noted that it is necessary to distinguish between corn and wart feet, which are very similar from the outside.A feature of warts is that it does not pass on their own, and its appearance is due to exposure to the virus in the skin area of ​​the foot.Furthermore, it should be noted that the warts on the foot do not grow as warts other localization - their growth is directed inward not outward.Wart has the form lumps because of the constant pressure of body weight.This wart is more difficult to treat, so it is better to consult a doctor.Today, there are many treatments for warts, for example, spend their burning liquid Gordeeva, freeze them with liquid nitrogen or using a laser treatment.
in the form of bumps in the area of ​​the heel can be heel spurs, which has the form of spikes, which are located on the heel bone and cause considerable pain.In most cases, an experienced specialist immediately recognize this pathology, but sometimes you need to spend X-rays.The cause of heel spurs is often flat, as well as trauma and viral diseases.This pathology treated in traditional medicine, which includes different methods, as well as baths and compresses.When a bump on the heel held a special massage.Positive results were observed when the patient rolls the heel on the floor wooden rolling pin.As compresses applied fresh potatoes or sliced ​​tomatoes, which impose on the night when the foot rests.These packs are attached using a conventional sock or using a plastic bag.It is useful to keep your feet for half an hour in salt bath, which is prepared by dissolving 3 tbsp.spoons of salt in a liter of plain water.If the intense pain and does not decrease with the use of traditional methods of treatment, then you need to consult a surgeon or an orthopedist.